Everest University-Brandon Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I am most excited for about this school is the people. My teachers are amazing, experienced individuals. Not only are they amazing at what they do, but they atre amazing themselves. Kind and understanding, they are great at reaching out to students, fidning creative ways to teach and further our understanding of the program. The student teacher bond is so pivotal in the learning environment, and Everest has it in plenty. I amquite excited for the things that I will learn from them!


I brag about the cost and how long the program of the school is when I tell my friends about it. My friends freak out, because I will graduate in nine months for massage therapy will they will have many more years of college to go through for their specific career field.


I brag most about being about to go somewhat at my own pace. Being a mom and working full time is hard enough without tryin gto go to an actual college campus for classes. I like that I am a llowed to go online.