Everest University-Brandon Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


"If wishes were fishes, we'd all walk on the sea." What advice could I give myself? Eight years of growing and learning, maturing and succeeding. There is much I would tell myself if I could. However the most pertinent thing I could advise myself on is the power of now, and the empowerment of self. We are our own masters in life, and the potential of now is infinite. Also would I instill in myself the beauty in the world and ourselves. Understanding the potential to change, the strength within, and the wonder that is life is the greatest things I could arm my fresh-off-the-press self with.


Had I the chance to talk with my "highschool" self, I'd immediately give him a whack on the head. Tell myself to straighten up and quit procrastinating. Knowing what I know now, I'm able to understand and really appreicate all the opurtunies that had been presented to me by my schools teachers and administration. Unfortunately highschool me did not. instead of taking advantage of the resources, I pushed them aside, each day I'd say "i'll do that tomorrow" when in fact; it never got done. Had I the chance to speak with my highschool self I'd have a serious talk about applying myself, getting involved and really gunning for what I wanted instead of pushing my education back.


Only if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the advice I would give myself would be to not stress out so much about college. Finding the right college for me, right career path, and even financial aid is really stressing me out for college. I would tell myself to go with my gut feeling and ask my mother for support, because she always knows what is best for me.


Knowing what i know now I would focus more on doing my best in school instead of just settling for a pass grade. I wish I would spend more time study and reading to get ready for college. The transition was very shocking for me. In school you had no choice to be discipline; however, in school you’re on your own.


Don't be in such a rush to grow up is probably the first thing I would tell my highschool self. Pace yourself, and savor the college experience while you are still young, single and have no children. Go to college now while you can concentrate fully on that and that alone. And choose better firends. The ones you have now are not good for you and they are in no way good for shaping your future. Your edication is important. Take it more seriously!!!


I am walking in the halls of Wesley Chapel High School on the first day of senior year and all of a sudden something happens. Everything goes so slow like some sort of time warp machine. It's almost as though time then just stops when I am 22 years old and I am sitting on my computer giving advice to myself for the my future college preparation. Shawnee, take this oppurtunity to your advantage and start focusing on what is important. One of the most important things in you senior year will be attendance because if you are not there then you risk failing. Just because your 18 years old does not mean you have to party like everyone else. Prepare yourself for long work hours and long school hours. If you maintain a time management planner it will also help with balancing your work and play. So I know this is freaky hearing my advice from the future but I promise this is real and it is possible. Always remember when you do anything in life, if you use your mind, it will happen. Is that how it how it happens? I then continue on to 1st period.


I convinced myself as a high school senior that it would be difficult to attend college as a new single mother. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say do it now don't wait. Don't let ten years go by and you're still jobless or in a place in life that is going no where. Set the example for your children, and don't let minor setbacks keep you from losing sight and faith of your goals and your dreams. Let your children be your motivator.


I would tell myself to stay focus on my goals and to study and do my work first instead of going out first. I will tell my self not to procrastinate or let the bad influence of college life affect me. That I have to keep working hard to get my degree and not let the advantages of parties and trying to have a good time with friends without even studying and getting lazy and just tell myself that I can do it. And that I can have a good time as well as staying focus with my work. I should have balanced it all out and not have my mind stray from my goal. Getting into relationships can be mind blowing also especially if I can't handle them right now and if they are getting in the way of my school work. If I would have known about college life before hand I probably wouldn't have made these mistakes. And I wouldn't have wasted some of my time. I probably will have a degree by now but I learned from my mistakes and is trying to get back on track and try to reach my goals.