Everest University-Pompano Beach Top Questions

Do you feel like you changed a lot?


Yes I would have to say so. I am more knowledge, more outgoing, focused, and ready to set and reach goals for my career


I am in the final week of my second semester. Do not think that online is an easy way to go for college. Clollege is college. I am focused on studying and learning I am not interested in hanging out or partying or joining clubs and such. However time management is a must and school must be your priority. You are held to the same academics as students that go to a college campus. My priorities had to change and the determination to do well and learn all I can is probably my biggest changes, I have alot more self confidence and set my standards high. This is coming from a person that is a slacker at heart! Low self-esteem. That is not the case for me, in just 24 weeks I have grown up a lot and it is about time since I just turned 43.


Ever since I enrolled into college I feel like I have changed a lot because I am proud of myself that I am doing something in my life. I changed for ther better and I love it. I am following my dreams to become a paralegal and I am succeeding in my endeavors.


I feel like I have grown tremendously and it feels great to have the confidence levels that I do. It is a great feeling to know you are doing excellent in school preparing myself for the challenges life has to offer me.

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