Everest University-Pompano Beach Top Questions

Tell us about your professors.


I really love my professors. They are not the type that are hard on you or don't care about you. They answer your answers within 24 hours since my school is online. They are always helping me out in whatever situation I bring to their attention and I love it. I could not have chosen a better school.


Some of the professors are very nice, and helpful. There are a few that are not consistant with the grading. Even though you do two assignments exactly the same they will grade you different. Most of the professors are very fair with the grading though. It is great to have professors that work in the field of the courses. They are very knowledgable in the subjects.


My professors are the best I have ever seen. They are really involved in wanting to help you understand the material and making sure you are comfortable with the class. The classes are so interesting that you could spend hours in a discussion which makes you feel like you were there for 30 minutes. They are just so interesting and the manner in which they present the material makes it so interesting you just cannot seem to put it down.


The professors at Everest Online University are very nice and willing to help do whatever they can to help you achieve your academic goals. The are always reaching out to help whenever they can. I feel very lucky to have found a college with such great professors that help you learn and reach your goals.


My professors are very helpful and when I have a question they answer them in a timely manner. They go over any concerns that I may have.


Being in an Online Evironment, the professors are a bit tougher. The professors are great though. They take their time to sit and explain everything to you step-by-step if you need them to. They are very understanding when it comes to something unexpected happening to you and you need more time to complete an assignment.


The professeors at Everest University Online are excellent. They make sure that you know everthing about your classes by posting what is expected from you as a student, and what is expected from them as a professor. They make sure to have all of the assignments listed from unit 1 through unit 6. This is a good thing, because once you finish one unit, you can start on another unit. The professors also has a class discussion board for the entire class. This discussion board is good for people that are shy about asking questions. Once you write a question on the class discussion board, it can be viewed by the professor as well as the students in your class. The professor answers these questions that are listed on the discussion board, and not only do you help yourself, but you also help your fellow class mates. If you have something private to ask your professor that you don't want anyone to know about, you can always e-mail them by clicking their name only. There is no way that you can talk to your professor face to face, or from a phone so make sure that you contact them ahead of time. The professors respond quickly to questions and responses so feel free to communicate.


My professors have been great. There have been some better then others but when you break it all down.... they teach you what they know. The professors at Everest University online has and still is working in the field you are majoring in. They have first hand experience. So I ask you one question... are you welling to take a class with professors that dont have first hand experience or take a class with professors that knows the field inside and out?

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