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What are the academics like at your school?


I am majoring in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding. This was my choice because I am familiar wtih this line of work. I was surprised that I have been so challenged in my courses. I thought I knew most of what I needed to know. I found out that I was wrong and I am glad I took this major. I think I am a better employee and person for taking my classes. Students are very friendly and willing to offer advice. It has been a competive school in a since that I do not know what grades others are receiving but, I still feel a need to excel and be able to help my classmates if I can.


My favorite classes are the classes that have videos that can help me out with the work in the class. These classes are majority of my technology classes. I really like some of my professors because they listen to what I say and then go out of their way to make sure I understand anything that I am confused about. I can say the education is geared towards getting a job but I also see it being geared to older adults and not students who have just come out of high school


There are a lot of hands on activities for the field which one is studying. This helps with the learning process.


I love attending Everest Online University. It has allowed me to get a college education while working full time as well. Everest offers multiple resources to help you academically and help you find a job in your area after you graduate. The professors and the students are all very nice and are willing to do whatever they can to help you succeed in your studies. I love attending Everest and would totally recommend this college to anyone searching for one.


My major is paralegal studies and Everest is helping me acheive my goals and graduate with a college degree. They will help in getting job placement when you graduate.


Class participation is necessary for the success of a class. The online class discussions allow students to voice their opinions about the subjects. This allows students to assist one another as they would during class time on campus. The education at this school is geared toward obtaining a job after graduation.


The academics are very personal and rewarding. You take the classes in your own time throughout the week and the instructors usually go out of their way to ensure your problems are handled as soon as possible. Not to mention at Everest University Online, there are plenty of resources that the school ensures that are at your fingertips.


I hope that my professors know my name. My favorite class right now would be Computer Applications and my least favoirite would be Basic Critical Thinking. For me I study all the time and I can't really say anything about any oter students. Class participation is common because that is what we get graded on. My major is Medical Billing and Coding. This education will help me get a better job and a better life for me and my daughter


The Professors are amazing here. The classes are small so they have time to provide feedback on everyone. If you get the answer wrong or do not answer it fully they simply ask you to elaborate and they help you through it.


The academics at Everest Online are like no other. Being an online school the academics are very different than those of a brick and mortar school however, they are in my opinion still very highly ranked. The professors have been wonderful for the most part. Of course like any college you will run into one here or there that you are just not compatible with, but overall I have had some great relationships with my professors. During my college experience thus far, I have had 2 children, the first one I had was born prematurely and I had a professor who helped me outside of class with the issues my son was facing, she took a real concern for his well-being and still contacts me from time to time to check on him and I have not had her for 4 semesters. The last 2 semesters I have had health issues for myself during my pregnancy and my professors have been understanding, willing to work with me, and genuinely concerned for my well being and the well being of my baby. If you let your professors know what is going on in your life in advance most of them will work with you to make sure you get your work done without losing your grade. Another part of academics that I like is that even though we are in online classes we can still make friends in classes, to help each other etc. we can talk outside of class via emails or even social networking such as facebook. I am a Business Administration major, my classes have been perfectly chosen to meet the skills of what I need to accomplish to obtain the specific job that I want. Ninety percent of my classes are core classes for my major and not unnecessary classes that I do not need, which makes it much nicer that I am completing classes I actually am interested in and not ones that have nothing to do with my job type.


Do professors know your name? - Yes, and they know my daughters name as well. Tell us about your favorite class. Least favorite? - My favorite class would be critical thinking, and my least favorite would be English How often do students study? - Students seem to be studying all the time, but we do take breaks to give our brains a rest. Is class participation common? -Class participation is very common, that how we learn and remember what we are being taught is by interaction. Do the students have intellectual conversations outside of class? - You will here conversations about class work and something they read in the books almost all the time. There is no shame in learning something new. Are students competitive? - Very, Like they want to be the first person to get a post or turn in homework. Then we have class competitions. It's very interesting. What's the most unique class you've taken? - I would say that the most unique class I took was Psychology. Tell us about your major / department. - I am getting my associates in medical billing and coding. I will be the person interacting with the patients and insurance carriers. Taking care of the payments and the patients balance for healthcare. Do you spend time with professors outside of class? - Through email yes but not physically, having actual outside time with my professors is quite hard even if I make an appointment. How do you feel about this school's academic requirements? - They are fair, now a days if you don't have a high school diploma or GED they don't let you begin college courses. But Everest works with you to get you GED and then help you through the process of enrollment for college courses. Is the education at this school geared toward getting a job, or learning for its own sake? - Both! This school is all about teaching those who want to learn and help them get that job towards the specific degree program they are going for. Everest doesn't skimp out on helping their students.


There is different classes set up for what ever major you might be interested in. The professors are there to help when you need them. They are constantly giving you feedback on assignments to make sure you do better next time. My favorite classes are all my Criminal Justice classes because that's my major. I also enjoy the Career Building classes and English classes. Class participation is recommended and is part of your class grade. It is great to interact with other Everest Students.


Every term, I am introduced to each one of my professor's and they are always there to let you know whether you are doing things correct or not. I enjoy my Law classes, but my least favorite was Algerbra. I study about 1 to 2 hours a night. Class participation is required. I guess students could be competitive, but it is really hard to tell with classes online. I don't believe that I have taken any unique classes, the classes I take are core and classes for my major. The school academic requirements are equivelant to other schools. I started online classes at first just for learning sake, but as I go along it could turn into getting a good job.


As far as the academics go, I love it. We might cram one full class into 12 weeks of work but the teachers are right there to help you. I am a criminal justice major and one of my professors is a Supreme Court Judge in California. I like seeing that even as a judge, he is still willing to take time away from his life to help students. Being an online student, I don't think that we have to study as much as others. We have our entire course right in front of us from day one. Being a criminal justice major, Everest has already helped me try to figure out exactly what I want to do when I graduate. They offer a chance to find a career in my field as well as furthering my career and degree.


The academics are great. The professors push you to do your best but they are also there for you if you ever need any help.


In an online envronment, student participation was a must in order to pass the class. However, the input that was given was not always that intellectual or in depth, but most of the professors did what they could lead it in the right direction. I do not remember any of my professors names, however, I do have detailed reocrds of the classes I took as well as who taught them for my personal records.


I have had all great Professors. I had one one term, then skipped a term and had him again, and he remembered me and even asked how my military move went, and how my husband and dogs where doing. This is a teacher that never laid eyes on me, but cared enought to truly remember me. I was thrilled to have him as a Professor again. The Criminal Investigation classes have all been really interesting and the core classes have been easy to understand and navigate through. I am a person who has failed algebra several times in the past due to just not understanding it, but I passed this time. Everybody for the most part seems to be dedicated to their studies which helps because we have team projects to complete.


At this school everybody knows your name and they are very friendly. My favorite class is my Basic Thinking Skills. My least favorite class is my Advanced CPT coding class. I take online classes so I really don't spend anytime with my professors but I email them and they are very quick to get back to me. This school is a good school.


The professors try their hardest to remember everyone. With an online course, I think it is hard to remember all that is in class. My favorite class was Law Office Management. I learned a lot in that class. It was awesome. My worst class haveing was my Algebra class. I had a hard time with the class but stuck with it. In an online class, they expect you to study at least four hours a day. It is not that much, but there are times that you study more than that, especially when you are doing some kind of research. I have met a lot of the students out of class through facebook. We all talk online quite a bit when we are not in class. It is a great way to make new friends. I believe the students are competitive. They are fighters when it comes to maintaining a 3.5-4.0 GPA. The most unique class I have taken is American Literature. It has been difficult but very interesting. I have become to really enjoy the class. I am currently in my Associates in Science in Paralegal Studies. It is amazing. I have not really associated with my professors outside of class considering I am an online student. I think that the academic requirements are fair to all students. I have no issues with any of the requirements. I believe that this school prepares you for the job. I have a Career Services Counselor that helps me with my resume and everything else you need to prepare for the outside world.


Yes, the professors know my name. My favorite class would have to be General Psy. This is where I learnt alot about how human beings mind works, and also meant a great man. My least favorite class would be the writting classes. Yes, students all the time have conversations with other classmates and professors all the time outside of class. My major is Criminal Justice; Criminal Investigations. The reason why I chose this field is because I have a little child, and if I am able to help put him/her away so that they are not able to commit anymore crimes, I would be okay with that. Also, I would like to help the victim(s) and their families at a time they are not able to help them selves.

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