Everest University-Pompano Beach Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I feel that most people feel that taking online classes allows errors and cheatine to take place. It is not true. Working in an online setting is just as challenging as any in class session I have ever taken, and their are a lot of ways that school work is checked for plagiarism and cheating is not tolerated.


The stereotype that I have heard at my school is that black are more liable to drop out earlier than anyone. Right now I can not say it is accurate.


Considering I take online classes the only stereotype I have come accross is that online learning is easy, therfor not as beneficial. I am not sure the correct term for this, maybe not "real" college students. I do not feel that this stereotype is accurate. I was a campus student in the past, and I feel that my online learning at times becomes more difficult. In most instances online students have to communicate via email, or discussion boards. It is easy to get frustrated when the material is not understood, and it is harder to learn without a "professor" teaching the class. We have a lot of reading material, and basically the professor to ask questions to, and is involved in the discussions at times.


Part of the advantages of an online college student is that there is no peer pressure, no stereotypes, which make transitioning a much smoother process. There is no fitting in with a click and no labeling as being in a click.


The stereotypes of students is that they are not really in school because it is online and that they are too lazy to go to campus. The fact is that some may not be able to go to campus because of financial burdens or because they have children to take care of.


No not realy any of that.


Everyone that is a student at Everest University Online has been extremely helpful on my journey through college. All of my classmates in my classes have been great and seem to be just as interested in learning as I am.



My school is an online program, so therefore most stereotypes would be people who are good with technology. Would this be considered geeky? It doesn't matter what life style you have as long as you know how to use electronics and are able to figure out the internet easily. Through the internet, stereotypes don't really exist as much.


One common stereotype is that the students that attend Everest University online are lazy and unable to get into a regular college. This is not true at all. Online classes require more work than some people think.


Smart and Dedicated


I attend college online so my opinion of my peers is all I have to establish this answer. From my point of view, everyone comes from different walks of life and is here for one reason; to obtain a degree in their desired field and better their future. Online we all work together to complete individual assignments and teamwork assignments. Those involved really help each other by provided their educational experience and motivation.


Since I am doing online schooling, stereotypes are not as much important as if I were in a classroom setting. Even though I am not in a classroom setting, you can still tell what types of students are in the online setting. Some people are busy, lazy, don't care what grades they get, or over achievers.


There are various stereotypes, however, in the online environment, I have noticed a lot of classmates that range from their mid twenties to senior citizens who have already started families.


There is not really a stereotype at my school because I do my school online and they is really no sterotypes.


Some common stereotypes of studnets at my school are that we are lazy. This is far from the truth. Some of us just simply do not have the time to make it to an actual class or we do not have the money to live on campus. We are not lazy because unlike other college students, we do not get summer break, and spring break, we go to school almost all year long with the exception of christmat break and thanksgiving, and we get a week between terms.


Being from an online school with all online classes there really is not a stereotype per say for students who attend. Mainly we are people who for one reason or another cannot attend a brick and mortar school easily. Whether we have families, full time jobs, or other obligations; attending online classes is a choice for busy people who cannot attend classes at certain specific times during the day.


I believe that the stereotypes are all wrong for Everest University. Their not Jocks, Stoners or even Preps, honestly they are frat kids who party hard and work hard, then the geeks who work hard and don't seem to really party that much. I guess you can say I am a real frat kid with a major disorder of geekiness. Though if you decide to be at Everest University you won't be disappointed.


There are no stereotypes at my school. Everyone is treated like they belong. There is no in crowd or out crowd. Everyone feels secure, loved, and everyone strives to learn. That what college is all about "LEARNING" and making memories that last a life time.


The stereotype for students taking online classes is that we are too lazy to go to class. This is not very accurate. I choose Everest Online because it went with my busy schedule. I work full-time and have love ones to support there is no way I could fit going to campus classes and going to work. But, I still do just about the same work if not more than people who go to campus classes.


Since I have started going to Everest online, I have found that each student is an individual and that they are just like me wanting to further their career's and do better for the families.


I enjoy going to everest online and it has helped me better myself and my families life.


I am in school online. However, there is still a stereotype. I have been in school there for almost two years and have noticed more than anything that the kind of students there are usually older than right out of high school. Most students work as well as attend school. Majority of the students are either married with children or have children. Being in school online helps out because we don't really have a lot of different "groups." Most students are there to further their career and provide a better life for our families. We don't worry about the jocks or the preps or nerds for that matter. At Everest, we are one big group.


It is really hard to tell because all my class were in an online evironment.


I would have to say that the stereotype of students are Geeks.


Due to the fact that I go to Everest through their online portal, I have not encountered a bunch of stereotypes. You can make assumptions, however they may not be right.


At Everest University we have a program called Ambassadors Mentor Program. THis program is intended for students that need of a mentor. A Mentor will keep contact with that student to see if they need any kind of help in their classes. This is such a great program. I am actually one of the Mentors, and I love being able to help the students. We also have an organization that is starting called the World Book Drive. This organization has already been in the making but we are gathering students from Everest University to help in this book drive. We have great Student Services for the students. If a student needs anything, they can help in any way possible.


One of the stereotypes are geeks ( who are the smart kids).


The stereotype of the students at my school I think is very good. All of the students are very eager to learn and to help others out in any way that they can. Their attitudes are always positive and never negative. They are always willing to put other students first and their needs and to help them out in any way possible.


Lucky there is no stereotype here at Everest University-Online. We are all adults, who are looking to make a better life style. Some of continuing their education for them selves, while other; like me, are continuing their education for their children. Here at Everest University-Online we all have been welcome with open arms and no 'titles.'

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