Everest University-Pompano Beach Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


My overall opinion is that this is a great school but I think that the school need to teach the students online better. We are given a book and a slide show. The slide show says the exact same thing the book does and no more so we are not given more indepth information that could help us to better succeed in our classes.



I love this Everest University. I go to the online division of Everest, and even though the work is hard, the professors are great, and everyone at Everest is there to help you succeed. I am in my 2nd quarter, and I carry a 4.0 GPA. I have this 4.0 due to the fact that I work hard. The classes are great also, if a student will apply themself they will learn. Just complete all of your assignments, all of the reading, and take the tests, study and you too've h can carry a 4.0 GPA. My academic advisor calls me every week to make sure that I am doing okay in my classes. When I was in a traditional classroom, I had to make an appointment with my advisor. The one experience that I will never forget is when I received a certificate in the mail. It was a certificate for the "President's List" for my academic excellence. Whenever anyone asks me what University I go to, I tell them Everest, they usually say " Oh, yeah, I've heard of Everest, it is supposed to be a top notch school". I agree with them. I have nothing bad to say about Everest at all.


I think that the school size is just right and the adminstration is fantastic. If there are any questions they answer them in a timely period.


I love my school. The teachers are really helpful and most of the students are to Ive found many interesting things going here.


My opinion of Everest is that it fits exactly what I need. With helpful instructors and advisors with answers to every question, I highly recommend this school. With having my classes online, it helps me still to keep my full-time job and tend to my 7 year old son.


The pace is mostly up to me! I mean, I still have my deadlines and chapters, assignments and discussions, but I control the tempo! I would change a few things, such as making class a little more exciting and personal, such as having individual pictures in posts so there are faces with posts and discussions. I would also want a little more of a challenge in some of the classes and its demands for reports and essays.


This is an amazing college. It fits my busy schedule, yet it allows me to attend classes and learn. The administration at Everest is amazing. They call weekly to make sure I am doing well in my classes and offer help in those I may not be doing so well in.


I think that Everest University Online is exceptional. I would recommend this school to anyone. The Professors are knowledgeable and are there for the students. If you are having problems they are there to help. My English Comp. I professor has helped me out tremendously. He will look at papers before they are due and give you tips and advise before you turn in the final paper. The students help one another out. A few of us already have a page on Facebook where we can talk about classes and get ideas.


I love Everest University Online and enjoy the convenience of the classes. However, I just wish i could obtain more of my account and record information online as well as the stipends from my grants and loans.


The best thing at my school is that I can do my school online and still work. I don't think I would change anything about my school because I really like it the way it is. My school is just right for me and I really like going to this school a lot. People react that I go to school and they are really glad that I am going to school to further my education.


This school is AWESOME!...The staff and professors really try to do all they can to help you excell. As long as you are doing your part to help yourself they have no issues helping you out. For being an online university, the response time is remarkable. If you should have someting come up such as a family emergency or something, they understand that and they work with you to get your assignments done and turned in so you can get the best possible overall grade.


I absolutely love attending Everest Online classes. As a home schooling mother of 6 children, attending a brick and mortar college is just not an option for me or my family. My husband and I are both enrolled in online classes, there is so much flexibility in our schedules. I work on my assignments during the kids naps and again at night when they go to bed; my husband completes assignments during his lunch break at work during the day and also works on assignments at night with me when our kids go to bed. So no matter our schedule we are able to find time to get our classes done for the week without worry that we have to be in a class at a certain time of the day. Another thing that I love is that there is always someone available to help you if you are having technical issues or questions of any kind. I rarely have to call the school for anything but when I have had questions I rarely had to wait to get answers. They were there every step of the way helping with financial aid, getting classes scheduled, and making sure I was choosing the right degree program for me. Absolutely wonderful.


What's the best thing about this school? - Flexibilty and the teachers actually care about the students. Name one thing you'd change. - For the Online course, it would be the updates and I would change anything about the Campus. Is your school too large, too small, or just right? - It's just right, with the great aptitude of people. How do people react when you tell them you go to this school? - The are shocked, some people don't think it's possible to have a family and still go to a school. And eventually succeed because you did go to school. Where do you spend most of your time on campus? - The lounge, has the mix of people and the energy levels are great! College town, or "what college town?" - College Town all the way!! :) What's your opinion of this school's administration? - The School administration team is the best, they give you the tools to succeed and help you when you are struggling. What was the biggest recent controversy on campus? - Nothing that I can tell. Is there a lot of school pride? - Yes, we have those who deck everything out in Everest Colors, or logos and then we have those who have sweatshirts, hats, mugs and just little things to share the love of their school. Is there anything unusual about this school? - No, This school gives you an opportunity to succeed and grow and that's what everyone who goes here is reaching for. What's one experience you'll always remember? -I would say that I would be happy about being invited into the National Society or Collegiate scholars. I was speechless and greatly honored. :) What are the most frequent student complaints? - lack of vending machines.


Everest is like my educational support system. They were there for me every step of the way guiding me through things like registering for classes, sticking to a major and answering any questions I had regarding my major. They truly cared about me and that I succeed as a student. I get at least one phone call when it's getting closer to the end of the week and I have not finished an online assignment. They motivate me to finish my work and get it turned in on time. Everest University is truly the best because they are giving me the necessary materials I need for when I start working in my career field.


In my experience with Everest University Online, I have probably learned more here than in regular school – 26 years ago!! If you are considering going to college fresh out of high school or if your returning to the classroom after a long “adult” break, say no more...Attending a university that offers online courses such as Everest, is your ticket to making that lifelong career move. I was apprehensive at first especially since it had been 26 years since I was in school. However, it has turned out to be the most rewarding idea I've ever had. I also know that some of you are thinking “I definitely don't want to be going back to a campus life”, and if you're like me, I absolutely did not want to be walking around an on-ground campus amongst a horde of 20-25 year old's!! Or, you may be saying that you have kids, a family, a job! Well, that's the advantage of attending Everest Online...You can work at your own pace, you don't have to sit in a classroom nor set foot on a campus!! That's right! You won't accrue any additional costs for commuting to and from school, or for daycare, etc. Deciding NOT to choose to better your life by continuing your education would be a dead-end street. But, deciding to forward your career or start anew by enrolling in online classes – like Everest – would probably be one of the most enriching feats you could ever achieve. I did it – So I know you can too!! And I did it through EVEREST UNIVERSITY ONLINE....


The best thing that I can say about Everest online is that it makes it easier to continue my education. I can not think of anything that I would change unless it would be to actually attend a campus. People are very surprised when I tell them that I am going back to school and in their minds, I know that they are thinking if she can do maybe I can too. The school's administration is terrific, any time that I have had a problem, they were there to help me with it. I will remember that it was Everest that helped me achieve my back to school goal. I don't recall any complaints that I or any other student have had.


I've been at Everest for 2 years. I have had a wonderful time. I know there is quite a few students at Everest but with campuses all over the country and even online students, I don't think there are too many students. Most of my classes have roughly 20 people in them and we still get a chance to communicate with everyone as well as the professors.


Great I love the school.


I didn't really like it, to be honest. It took people forever to get back to me when I called or emailed. I ended up graduating late because they 'lost' some of my records so I ended up having to take classes over that I had already completed. The team work set up was ridiculous. I am much happier at the school I am with now. I plan on being with them for as long as I am furthing my education.


I think that the school I go to is the best. They are always trying to help in everything. I feel my school is just right. When I tell people I go to this school they are like thats cool.


My Professors are great, having the freedom of doing school work at my own pace is awesome; but I think that the best part of the school is the support system. My advisors in the military affairs department truly care. They make sure you are taken care of and getting all the support you need.


My overall opinion about this school is that I like it alot. The people and the professors are very nice and willling to help out in any way. There really isn't anything that I would change about this school as I like it and don't think that there is anything to change. I take online courses and I have had a great experience with the online classes. All of my classmates have been very friendly and wonderful. It is a great school.


My opinion of this school is that is a wonderful school to go to. I have accomplished so much in the year and a half that I have been here. I have been on Honor Roll since I started, I have been chosen for other programs due to my GPA. I would not change anything about this school. I believe this school is just right for me and for anyone else that attends it. When people ask me about this school, I would tell them that it is a great school and that I am glad that I chose it. I am an online student, so I have never been to the compus itself. There is a lot of school pride with Everest and I am proud to be a student here. The most amazing experience that I will never forget is that I made it to the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. This has been an amazing experience for me.

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