Everest University-Pompano Beach Top Questions

What's the Greek scene like?


Everest is involved in many different sororities and fraternities that you can join and be a part of. Whether you will have to earn your way through your Grades or school projects you will love the school attitude and the positive ambition everyone has.




Its Great ! Being an Ambassador is amazing, you are able to interact with all kinds of people from all over the world. Meeting new people thats part of being in college ....right? You are able to hear their story and tell them yours, and if curiosity gets the better of you; you can try to walk in someone elses shoes for the day. If you get what needs to get done- done and stay on track and remember your dream; why you are going to college in the first place, then one day you will be one of the lucky ones and become an Ambassador yourself. And met the wonderful people that I am lucky enough to meet.


Its GREAT ! Being an Ambassador you are able to met all kinds of people, from all around the world. You can hear about their way of life, while you can tell them your way of life. Then if you wish you can try to walk in their shoes for a day. Meeting new people is what college is about...right? Well of course besides getting your degree. If you are able to stay on track, get what needs to get done- done, then you may be one of the lucky ones and become an Ambassador yourself. Help other people, while making new friends at the same time.


The Greek scene is great at Everest University Online. One of the programs that I consider to be Greek is being an Ambassador. This gives me the opportunity to communicate with a lot of students with different nationalities, religious veiws, and personalities. Everyone mentors other students, communicates by e-mail on a daily basis, and we even have our own T-Shirt that is labeled the "Igniters." Everest gives you a chance to gain a bond with other students that can last a lifetime.

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