Everest University-Pompano Beach Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I decided to go to Evererst University Online, because it allows me to creat a schedule that I am able to manage my family time, school time, and work time. I always have time for my family, the professors work within the fields they teach, so they are great at the information they provide.


I decided to go back to school because all of my kids were starting school and I knew I wanted to finish the education that I started before having kids.


I chose Everest Online mainly due to the great communication, quality responses to any and all questions I asked and the program they offered me . They took things at my pace and understood my hesitance and eased my anxiety. Never were they pushy for me to enroll.


I looked at other schools and they did not offer my program. I heard about Everest and gave them a call, I fell in love with the school and it is great to be in a school I am comfortable in.


I am a full-time single mother of a busy 7 year old little boy. I have a full-time and a part-time job. Going to Everest University online, allows me to do school when I have the time. I would recommend this school to anyone!!!


I decided to attend Everest University Online because of affordability and convenience.


I decided to go into school because I was working a dead end job as a janitor for a company who would never give me a raise. I then had a deep thought about what it would be like if I went to school and started working in a career which would be excited and new every day. I've always been into crime scene stuff so I decided to look for a degree in which I would pursue something like that. Most of the schools were in a classroom setting and with my work schedule and having a small child with my husband working days, I really couldn't afford to take him to child care so I thought about having online schooling. I found Everest University which was the ONLY college who offered a 2 year degree. I called the school right away and they helped me every step of the way to enroll.


I decide to go to school because I wanted to further my education and I wanted a better job. I also wanted to have a better life for me and my daughter.


I decided to enroll at Everest Online because (1) the prices compared to other online schools are phenomenal, (2) because I have children whom I home school and the flexibility of online classes was the only way I could actually obtain a degree (3) of all of the online colleges that I had contacted this was the ONLY one that did not cold call me every day, they did not pressure me, the understood I had a life outside of school and they contacted me only when it was convenient for me.


I decided to go back to school because it was something that I have always wanted to do and Everest has given my that opportunity,


I decided to go to this school, because I had been seeing commercials about students who graduated from Everest, and afterwards finding a job in their field of study. After graduating from a four year college in Mississippi, I contacted a variety of colleges that offered MBA degrees. They all required the GRE test. This was stressful to me because the GRE cost hundreds of dollars. When I first talked to an admissions counselor at Everest, they told me that I did not have to take the GRE in order to get into Grad School. That was right down my alley, because I could not risk failing a test and sitting at home with out a job. Everest gave me the opportunity to have a refund check from my financial aid money that was left over, and at the same time I am learning valuable skills in my Business Administration MBA program.


The reason why I decide to go to Everest University- Online is because not only am I able to get my education but also continue being a mother to my child. I am able to make a better life for her as well as keep an eye on her at the same time. Everest has the program that I have been interested in since I was a little girl; Criminal Justice. These two reasons fit perfectly together.

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