Everest University-Tampa Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


everest university in tampa is a good school i recomend it to anyone


This school is best known for the caring and helpful professors that work there. They strive to bring out the best in all students and always push for them to succeed and excel is their fields of studies. The involvement and the prestige they show is uncanny to any other in the U.S. Their expertise surpasses in all aspects. The underlining is that of a strong staff, with the pursuit to push students to their full potentials.


Helping people with out a highschool deploma, an helping older people to get in to a new job, and life!!!!!


Campus and online study options to assist adult learners to finish getting their degrees.


I honestly do not know.


My school is best known for the staff.Everybody is helped every step of the way. My school is also known for all the good motivation they give you. When you come to my school you feel accepted and feel that you belong, and the teachers make the classes fun and educational. As Im in the classroom I always notice how the time flies by and before I know it , its already time to go. Ive never had such a high grade point average in any school.

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