Everest University-Tampa Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I usually brag about my classes because i have so much fun in my classes. Classes is not all reading and boring lectures, its about preparing students for the real world and how to gain success. I talk my friends ear off to the point that they all enrolled to the school and now they're getting their degree's in thier field of study.


The head of my program


I Brag on how we have the best teachers and the best schedules. I always say on how are teachers have years of experience in the working field that I am studying for. I also brag about how they keep us to date on every event and makes sure everybody has an oppurtunity to participate. Becuase of my bragging I have reffered two students to come in and checkout the campus. They came in and one of them is going for their GED and says that she likes it.

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