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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The only advice I can give my self is to be smart in school because college and high school is two different things but they're all about learning, an high school student have parents, and you also treat as a kid, a college student like me I don't have anyone, I will not allow my self to do the same thing that I used to do in high school because I have to built my life, I have to change my life, I have to choose what tomorrow will bring because if you don't choose, tomorrow will give you, and I know that I can't change tomorrow but I can get what I really want from tomorrow, to achieve my goal I know I really need to work harder and harder every single day, compare to somebody that in high school they still young, to think about all those stuffs they are not mature enough unless they have their parents to teach them all those things. I've learned a lot from life, everytime you have the opportunity to get something that can change your life for ever get that's the advice I always get.


Fallon disregard this new found freedom of being a grown up, and the illusion of being on my own in a sense with no one to answer too. Work extremely hard and do not procrastinate, because it will be extremely hard to juggle school and three jobs when economy crashes. Gain the knowledge and education needed now to prevent the extended years it will take you to earn your bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in 2014. Spend your financial aid wisely, and manage student loans wisely. The world will be so much harder when you are own your own, and the educational aspect will seem to be almost out of reach. There will be an abundance of competition, but just stay focused, stay confident, don’t give up it will get easier, and most importantly it will be worth it.


Going back in time to my senior high school years, talking to myself about college lidr, I would most definitely tell myself the values of first life. Family is important and comes first, but Jennie you can't provide for yourself, children, and mate without proper knowledge, employment, and community. Jennie its very important that you finish high school, move on to college, and maybe a university so you can get a full rounded education to give yourself and family the hiearchy of life, strong and beautiful. Going to college gives you a different perspective on life, your personal life objectives and reachable goals as well as teaching you the value of life, educatied friends who can assist you through thogh rimes and , a work environment that is not dead-end. College gives you a sense of belonging, it moves you out of going to everyday or just going places to going places of choice with prime gatherings. Jennie, traveling through the 21st and 22nd century, it is essential that you have a college education, its like bread and butter.It's hard to quit once you get started, and the trip is well worth the try.Think about it.


I would tell myself to take advantage of grants and scholarships that they try to push the students to apply for. I would also tell myself not to give up when life gets hard. I gave up so many times trying to achieve my accomplishments because I was scared, and I was afraid of failure. I came to realize that, when attending the right school, you can achieve anything you put your heart to do. I have had very hard struggles, but have been able to come over them, because I had a wonderful support system at the school.


learn to have more responsibility than I had


If I were able to go back in time and talk with myself, I would first tell myself not to put off going to college, rather go directly following high school. Too many variables can take place in life that continues to make you push going to college further into the future. Next, I would tell myself to enjoy school; not to take it too seriously to the point of not being well rounded (i.e., involved in social acitivities, clubs, etc). These could be opportunities for networking when it comes to internships and employment upon graduation. Lastly, I would tell myself to stick it out. No matter what dilemmas come my way to stay in school; things will work themselves out. This is true in my currently situation. I was diagnosed with cancer in October, 2007; endured two surgeries, chemotherapy , radiation and hyperbaric treatments. During most of this time I stayed in school, taking classes online much of the time. However, had I postponed my education, I would be working on my Associates at this time instead of my bachelor's degree.


As memories from High School flash back in my mind, I become emotional to how the events played out. Many of the emotions I feel are very optimistic, but their are those few that I wish I had chosen to take a different path. Now that I have experienced college, I realize just how much effort and time my High school teachers put towards their students. If I could go back in time I would make sure that all my teachers knew just how much I appreciated them and everything they have done to help me succeed. The advice I would give myself as a high school senior is that college is definitely the root to take after High school. I would let myself know that that the transition from high school to college is not very difficult and I have nothing to be nervous about. The most important thing that I would advise myself to do is to always try. I would tell my self to get involved and to try everything. For if I do fail, it will be because i wasn’t good enough, not because I didn’t try.


If I could go back in time, I would explain to myself that there is no need to rush any big decisions. This is especially true when it comes to my education. I should have taken my time exploring my options. Instead, I jumped into a major that I was unsure about, and ended up confused, stressed out, and depressed. I could have started out taking general classes, and testing out different interests in college, in order to find what I have now; a love of social work, and counseling. High school was a completely different world for me, and I never would have imagined myself this dedicated to helping people in the community live healthier lives before now. You need to find what makes you happy, and leaves you will a feeling of fulfillment. And lastly, remember that not everyone figures out what that might be in their senior year of high school.


Always go for your dreams and never give up. I am incontrol of my own destiny....


I’m very grateful for the experience because it showed me just how much more effective we can be when we push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. It taught me to keep setting goals beyond what I feel certain I can accomplish. Many college students really don’t have a clear reason for being there other than the fact that they don’t know what else to do yet. They inherit goals from family and peers which aren’t truly their own. That was how I started college.


I would tell myself to trust adults more, especially teachers. I would tell myself to take their advice, even though it may not make sense to me right now. They have been here already, and are very likely only trying to help you. You will ain good advice and eventually wisdom. Good Luck.


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the advice I would give to myself is to be ready to allow people in. The students, staff, and faculty are ALL willing to help you, assist you in everything to make sure that your tenure here is a success story. The people here really care about your needs and they will stop at nothing to make sure that you get what you wish. Financial Aid is readily available for you because you're going to need it. Have no worries, have no fears, have no cares, for they will not be necessary here. Everything will be taken care of for you. You will have to play your part, but other than that, Everest University (formerly Florida Metropolitan University)has your best interest in mind. Technically, you may be on your own, but here at Everest University (formerly Florida Metropolitan University) you are NEVER alone. They will walk you across the stage come graduation time. Nonetheless, have fun, enjoy, and don't fret. They got your back.


Well, assumeing that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior. Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the advice that I would give myself would be, to be quite and lession to the teacheres because they been there and you are trying to get there. And just don't act like I know everything take one step at a time.


If i could go back i would of came to this college right after I graduated from High School, but i waited but is okay because i don't regreat a minute of my life, i will finish my Bachelor's and continue for my Masters in this University.


I have learn that time management along with being organized never procrastinate. These things are very important. I must take life more seriously and realize that if you don't get education while you are younger its very hard as you get older. I was a reader which is very important to absorb as much information. If I can only time back the hands of time. I will instill in myself these things plus be positive in everything you do.


Out of my 4 semesters of college experience I have found the many subjects that I?m not interested in, and a few that are interesting, though none have caught my eye to pursue for a career. This experience, though sometimes disheartening, is actually quite valuable because I am discovering my interests and strengths in a controlled environment while I?m still young. As we age, we are less able and less likely to explore new careers because as we gain experience and money, it is harder and harder to make changes, even though our career may not be fully satisfying. I am determined to be the person who walks into work every day and says to myself, ?I have the best job in the world, everyone should do what I do?.


I have not started school yet, but when I do, I will be fulfilling my life long dream of becoming a nurse. Ever since I was a small child, I have wanted to be a nurse. I have always been nurturing, from my family, friends, animals, dolls or even insects, I was there to make them 'all better'. As I grew, that need to nurture only became stronger. My first job was in a nursing home as a recreation assistant. I loved the job and knew right away that it was my calling. Other jobs later on in life only reinforced that feeling. I am now enrolled in nursing school, but I need your help. I have a wonderful caring heart, and a work ethic almost like no other. I am a hard worker and detail- oriented. Atending nursing school will be a dream come true for me, and this industry needs nurses like me with my compassion level and ethic. I cannot do it without schooling though, so please consider me when giving out your scholarship. I am a hard worker, but I make very little money so I cannot afford to put myself through school. Thank you graciously.


I work part-time to full-time as a CNA while being a full-time pre-nursing community college student. Everything that I have learned up to this point I have been able to apply clinically, along with being able to have insight from an RN's point of view. I intend to enter into a BSN program in the fall to pursue my fascination with the anatomy and physiology of the human body. After I have completed my Bachelor's program, I intend to continue my schooling to acquire a Master's degree, and become a Nurse Practitioner. So far, what I have learned has helped me to understand more of what I'm doing in the clinical setting, and the reason for certain procedures, and what the outcome of those procedures could be.


I have gotten priceless knowledge from attending college that can never be replaced nor taken from me. The irreplaceable mind blowing knowledge has made me a better understanding person on how the world works on a daily basis. It has taught me new attainable time management skills that I believe I would not have received had I not attended collage. It has been so valuable for me to attend school because it gives me a step up in life for a chance to better my family, career, and life. Without going back to school, I feared that I would still be unable to afford to take care of my loving and beautiful children. Not only am I doing this to better my life; I am doing this for my children so they will want to follow my lead and continue school when the time comes for them.


What I have obtained out of my college experience is more knowledge and insight to things I never knew of. Attending college has also opened up my eyes to many different options as well. I currently will be seeking a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and will graduate in Feb of 2011. However, I have had this inspiring desire to go back to school and get my Master's Degree in Education. I would love to teach people, whether it be school age children or adults. If I could teach at a college level and share my knowledge with the rest of the world, then I have met my goal. If I teach school age children, then I know that I will be inspiring those children to want more in life. Attending college has given me the most beautiful opportunity ever to share my knowledge with the world.


I have gotten experience and learn that its time to finally grow up.


STAY IN SCHOOL do not drop out get you high school deploma and make some thing of your self an your family.


College life, just like high school life, is different for everyone that decides to encounter it. I'm the youngest of four children and high expectations were always placed on my shoulders. I graduated high school with a 4.3 GPA and Bright Futures Scholarship. By the end of my second semester of college I had already began to fail my classes, it led to me dropping out. I know everyone says once you take a break from school it's hard to go back. For me that would have been the wisest decision I could have made. Although I took a 5 year break from school it was needed and deserved. Some kids run themselves into the ground with studies, the thought that your whole future relies on school, and keeping up with your parents desires for you. But really everyone's path is different and what's best for you may not be what was best for someone else. I currently hold a 4.0 GPA again at my new school and have never been more motivated to succeed in school than I am now. Now I am attending school for the right reasons, reasons of my own.


If I could go back to high school I would tell myself to go away/ out of state for college. I attended community college directly after graduating and it was like going to the 13th grade. Everyone I went to high school with attended this college and I was nto able to get any work done. College is a time for growing up and going back to school is your own personal decison so I beleive you should make the best of it. College is about new beginnings and I think that you should start off in a new environment where you can gain the knowledge of others and also have something to write home about.


Explore the different fields and career options. Attend college after high school while you have the flexibility in your daily schedule and before you accumulate debt and "life" bills. It is hard to attend college when you worry about tuition, rent, etc. Don't let anyone hold you from reaching your goals in life. Education and knowledge can never be taken from you and can provide endless opportunities in whatever you decide to pursue in your future. Apply for as many scholarships, grants, free aid as you can because the student loans are very expensive and don't always cover your school expenses.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would reiterate the words of my great-grandfather: ?You can do anything you want in this world, good or bad, as long as you are willing to pay the consequences, good or bad.? After my first semester of college, I chose to work full time and go to night school. The consequence of doing that was that it took me another ten years to get my two-year degree. By that time, I had a family. Continuing my education and working toward a bachelor?s degree seemed impossible. So, I waited. The consequence of doing that was that I will not obtain my bachelor?s degree until I am almost 50. Had my high school self known these consequences, he would have continued to live on a shoestring to finished all four years of college before going to work full time. Yes, if I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, my life would be much different . . . much better.


I don't know what I would say to myself. I would change a lot, but if I did I would not have my fiancee and my children and those three are the best gift I was ever given. If I told myself there was extra paperwork for me to get into the music program I would not have the three of them.


Go to college right after you get your g.e.d. dont wait it'll be easier if you dont wait!!!!


The advice that I would give to myself is to enjoy the experience as much as possible without losing sight of your goals. Always remember, that you are primarily there learn. Your future could very much depend on how you handle and deal with this experience. I would advise myself to try as many different experiences as possible to see where I would feel most comfortable. Always go with your gut instinct. You know yourself instinctually much more than you could imagine. As serious of a matter as it may seem to you, remember that you are human and there should be a mix of fun in you life. This will make the experience complete, and in the long run, you will be happier. Learning is a never ending process. This means that you should learn what is applicable, but do not overdo it. Always remember, moderation is the key. Last of all, I would tell myself that this is not the end of high school and lifelong friendships. It is just the beginning of a different phase of your life. If those friendships were meant to last forever, they will. There are many more relationships ahead for you.


Pay more attention to the classes I was taking and focus on the skills I would need for the future.


I would tell myself not to wait as long as i did to continue my education.


I am half way there. Now is when I choose the beginning of my life. I have to be motivated , focused ,and I have to believe that it can be done. Education is life and life can only be lived once, and I have to give it my best shot. If I dont do it who is going to do it for me? and Im not doing it for mom,dad, or the family im doing it for me.This is MY tomorrow,MY future, MY education, MY life.I am all the motivation I need. I will never know if I couldve went far if I dont try ,and I definetly dont want to wait till its too late. Seeya on the other side!

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