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Describe your favorite campus traditions.

Excelsior College is best known for its exceptional educational programs, including associate, bachelor, and master degrees that can be completed completely online. It is also known for accepting up to 120 transferable credits from other accredited colleges and universities. Plus they accept credits from all Clep and Dantes credit by exams. This is what first attracted me to this school. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2008. I wanted to finish my degree, but could no longer drive to class. This is not a diploma mill, but recognized accredited online college where I could receive an undergraduate degree in biology.

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Excellent external degree programs and distance learning programs for working adults. The focus is on the students ability to tailor their program and learning to their personal needs.

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I am currently doing online courses. If I was on campus, meeting people of different culture would definitely be number one.

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