Fairfield University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Some of my classmates were truly interested in public service, making a difference, and in challenging themselves academically -- while others were not as interested in academics but rather social life and drinking.


My classmates are intellectual and engaging and I can enhance my education by working with them in groups, discussions, projects, etc. Similarly, I hope they can learn from me.


my classmates are people that will put full effort in what they are doing. They are willing to help anyone who is in need.


My classmates are very hard working and put a lot of effort into getting good grades. They are very friendly and willing to help. I work outside of class with my classmates and we all help eachother understand the material more. Everyone is willing to help eachother and learn.


My classmates are always willing to help and are very respectful of their space and the people around them.


Lovely caring,fun loving and happy bunch of people.


The academics at Fairfield are really great. First of all, the professors get to know your name real quick. Most of my professors knew my name but the end of the second week of classes at the latest. Fairfield has small classes, from around 25 to 35 students so it is important that the professor knows your name and how you feel about the subject. Professors are really welcoming for students to stop by their office hours and they are always willing to help, all you have to do is ask. My favorite class that I took was a Social Psychology course that I took last semester. This course was taught by a professor who was really into what he was teaching. He used everyday examples and also told stories that were really engaging and helped me to learn the material. At Fairfield, all the professors love what they are teaching and it makes it all the more interesting to learn. My least favorite last was a english class that I took for my english core. It was about 16th century literature and I really think it was my least favorite class just because I was not at all interested in the material. Luckily, once you get into your major, most of the classes are ones that you are interested in, so this kind of thing does not happen. I would say that Fairfield students study a good amount on average. This obviously depends on the person, how much they are into the schoolwork, and studying habits. In general I spend about two to four hours a day on homework outside of class. At the same time though there is plenty of time to hang out with friends, go out of the weekends and relax in addition to doing all of your work. It really depends on your time management. Because Fairfield is a small school class participation is very common. In most classes part of the grade is based on participation. I think this is a good thing though because if you are able to participate it means that you will be able to get a better grasp on the information. I also find that there are intellectual conversations outside, as I have had many with my friends. I believe that students at Fairfield are competitive. Everyone likes to do their best, and I believe that this motivates me to do even better. The most unique class that I have taken was a Buddhism and Christianity class. My family is not very religious so when I saw that I had to take religion for my core I wanted to go into a class that was a little bit different. I absolutely loved the professor of this course and thought that the way he compared and contrasted the two religions was very interesting. I liked this professor so much that I ended up taking another one of his classes that I also believe is pretty unique, it was called Life After Death: The Last Catholic Belief. I am a psychology major with a math minor. I love the psychology department at Fairfield university. There is always something going on in this department and people and professors are always going out of their way to help. In the department we have psychology club and Psi Chi (the psychology honors society). In the psychology department I have a strong relationship with two of the professors and know many of the other ones. I have a great relationship with my advisor, who I met freshman year. This year I was a teaching intern for one of her classes and it really allowed me to spend a lot of time with her and see some of the factors of being a professor. I have even gone out to lunch with her. She has become someone that I feel like I can talk to about more than just psychology. I think that Fairfield does have a lot of requirement and a lot of core, but I think this is a good thing. Going into my freshman year I didn't have any idea what I was really interested and what i wanted to major in. After taking some core classes I was able to see what I liked and what I disliked. It also helps students to become more well rounded and have a depth of knowledge. I think that Fairfield, being a Jesuit university, teaches more than just how to get a job, but how to be a good person.


Going into Fairfield I was under the impression that Fairfield was all about diversity. I quickly found out this is not the case. Students here, in general, are white, middle to upper class, spoiled, sheltered, and from some nice little perfect town somewhere along the northern east coast. Of course this is only a generalization, and many students here at Fairfield do not fit this mold (although a majority do). It's easy to feel out of place here if you're not beautiful, love to drink until you black out, and have a mommy and daddy with a huge disposable income, however if you are like this, you can find people similar to you if you look hard enough. The students here are quick to form cliques and to ignore everyone else. It's kind of like high school all over again. Although this is a very negative depiction of the students at Fairfield, I promise it's not all bad. You just have to find where you fit in, and stick with it. Sometimes you have to exit your comfort zone, and sometimes you'll be rejected, but in the end you'll find your niche.


The school strives on no tolerance with any sort of discrimination. I am Hispanic so comming to a school that is predominatly White was shocking for me but something I adapted to quickly and easily since people are so welcoming and soon I also found my group of friends. Yes this school is very expensive and many students are well off but the Financial Aid Office does wonders for students who can't afford to come here just on parents contribution. Everyone is really nice and on a daily basis most students wear casual comfortable clothing and of course there are some students who dress up every day to class.


Fairfield has a very homogenous student population. The majority of the students are white, wealthy, and from new england. That being said, there is an increasing amount of diversity, and the administration makes it a point to increase awareness of other cultures and types of people.


Because my school is a small, private school, it holds up the image of rich, catholic only students attend, where all the girls dress and act alike.


They are very energetic and fun, yet dedicated students.


Most people here are white, upper middle class students from the suburbs of Boston or New York


My classmates are entreprenurial in interest and endeavor as well as focused on satisfying their own needs, interests, and queries as soon as possible


My classmates tended to be spoiled white kids from wealthy families.


fun, smart, prissy, girls are full of themselves


Typical middle/upper class, mostly white. Preppy


My classmates seem to be preppy, and a lot of them come from wealthy backgrounds


Middle to upper class new englanders, who are for the most part very nice


Luckily for me, I've found a great group of friends in this school. These are people I will know for the rest of my life and I socialize with them probably every minute when I'm not sleeping or in class, but I do find time to study to a safe extent.


My classmates are generally friendly, and while everybody hopes they have a bright future with a solid job, they also like to have a good time.