Fairfield University Top Questions

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I chose Fairfield University because of their location being that I have a family and cannot move from my town . As it turns out, Fairfield University has a very good Mechanical Engineering program and the career opportunities are wide for all graduates. A close friend of mine graduated two years ago and is now a project manager for IBM.


Beautiful campus, great people, career driven, emphasis on giving back


I liked the small school atmosphere and the reputation that Fairfield University has for its business department. In addition to this, the campus is beautiful, close to Fairfield's town center with many restaurants and stores.


Intense core curriculum, Jesuit, focused on the individual students .


Excellent professors who are always available to work with students independently. High academic expectations. Strong school spirit. Well maintained, clean and welcoming campus environment. Great location.


Although there are no frats, it is a very social university.


the sense of community


Fairfield is a Jesuit university, so the core curriculum was much more difficult.


Seniors are allowed to live off-campus in beach houses on the Long Island Sound and it's a small school with small class sizes.


My school is very personal. Just stepping on to the campus the first time I felt right at home., mostly because it's small, which is good for soem people like me, but others miht not like it.