Fairfield University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I believe to think the worst thing about my school is that is does not have much diversity. This is because coming from a Hispanic background and being a first generation student, I would love to see that more and more minorities are able to attend Fairfield University . This school has many great opportunities and many should have the chance to take advantage of them.


The worst thing about Fairfield is the lack of diversity. Students offen realize and make comments about how it is a predominantly white school. If Fairfield was filled with students from various racial backgrounds it would provide the opportunity for students to open their minds and accept others whose cultures may be different from their own. Students who attend Fairfield University are great people. They are intelligent, outgoing, motivated, along with many other charactersitics. Adding diversity to the school would help make each student even more wholesome and prepared to explore the world around them.


One of the things I dislike about my school would have to be the low percentage of diverse people on campus. As a Hispanic student I have always been in an environment with very little diversity and wanted to change that in college. However, with or without much diversity I am glad I chose Fairfield University for the fact that it is an amazing school full of opportunities.


The worst thing about my school is that my mom's homecooking is not accessible to me at all times. Fairfield was a school that I knew would be a perfect fit for me and upon my completion of freshman year, I realized this to be true. Things that I do not like are seemingly irrelevant. Such as: a football team would be cool but is not necessary to my overall experience. The worst thing might be the cost of tuition!!


The food


There is no football team which causes a lack of school spirit and togetherness. The athletics department tries to compensate with the soccer and basketball team but it's not the same. Also it's difficult to get of campus and get what you need because the town of Fairfield is quaint but still has highways that make it impossible to walk around.


I think that the amount of people that attend is just right for the school's size and area. Nonetheless, for people that want a very large student body, Fairfield may seem somewhat small. Nonetheless, the smaller student body also helps you feel an increased sense of community. It especially helps when adjusting to college life, as if a school is too big, it can seem extremely overwhelming.


I consider the administration the worst aspect of my school. The reason for this is that when you want something to be done, often times the administration runs you around in circles until you eventually end up where you began. This is particularly frustrating because it seems as though there is no communication between the administration and the students. It also seems as though the administration allows for little to no student input, and makes decisions without discussing it with the rest of the school. It is like they forget that they are working for the students.


Racism, intolerance for sexual orientation among students is poor. The financial aid office is also horribly presumptuous. I was promised so much financial aid and it was taken away right before the first tuition bill was released! Financially, I am regretting going to this school.


The school has a lot to work on, like changing their facilities and not putting so many expensives on the students. We also should be allowed to live off campus if we want.


Lack of diversity. Predominantly rich kids school. Social scene is predominantely alcohol based.


The worst thing about my school is the student body who goes here. They are all alike and accept people who are only like them as well. You could classify most of them as snobs. As far as the school itself, I am satisifed, it is the student body that makes it a rough place to be.


On certain weekends the school tends to become a suitcase school which is unfortunite


Things get boring after a while and the food is not something too look forward to eating. You need to have some money to be able to have fun and eat well.


lot of work


Many students come from wealthy families and the need for money is often seen in the personalities of some students.