Fairfield University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Most people think of Fairfield students as rich kids whose parents pay for everything. This is definitely not the case on campus. Yes, with a school as expensive as Fairfield is, there is some of that. But Fairfield gives a lot in financial aid and there are many more students on campus that don't fit the stereotype than those who do.


Stereotypically, Fairfield students are wealthy, spoiled white kids from New York/Jersey prep schools. To a large extent, this is true, and it made me very hesitant to attend the school despite the amount of merit aid I was offered. People often think its weird that I went to public school, that I've had part time jobs throughout high school. Fortunately, I found my niche here quickly and my group of friends is much closer to my background. There is an obvious effort by Fairfield to get more diversity on campus, but this often works against them because the lower income, non-white students tend to stick together and become isolated.


I think that a main stereotype of Fairfield University is that it only consists of preppy and rich white kids. This is completely untrue. Even though you will find many preppy white kids at Fairfield there are many people from middle class towns, and although it may not be evident by the tour, people do wear sweatpants at Fairfield. Also the diversity at Fairfield is increasing and I do not know any one who has any trouble fitting in. I think that one way to beat this stereotype is find people who have similar interests as you and then you will realize that there is not only one type of person at Fairfield, but an endless amount of different personalities.


One of the main stereotypes is preppy white kids. This stereotype is accurate to a certain extent where many of the guys came from prep high schools, but it does a disservice to label everyone as a preppy kid since I know a lot of people that don't fit this stereotype.


I've heard that Fairfield is often called "J. Crew U" because of the amount of students that have a huge disposable income to shop just about anywhere they want and buy just about anything they want. I do think this stereotype is, in general, true. A majority of the people I've met here are a little stuck up, come from families with money, and are incredibly spoiled. Fortunately, there are always the minority students who aren't like this at all. Although sometimes difficult to find these students, it's not impossible. The spoiled stereotype of Fairfield students is a generalization, and definitely has some truth to it, but does not apply to the entire campus.


Of course on a typical college campus there are stereotypes doesnt matter where you go they do exist! So on campus we have the athletes who are like mini celebrities wanted by everyone but once you get to know them, they are just average approachable people really nice who as well do work and hang out not just walk around shooting a ball all day. The term "GTL" gym tan laundry from reality show Jersey Shore, it is followed relligiously these students don't play around they are always perfectly tan, hair perfect not even a strand out of place, and of course thier bodies are on point! But even with this we have the dance team, cheerleaders, the band, nursing/bio/ chem/ engineering students are always studying/busy. We do have some diversity but lets face it all the minority knows each other. All these different types of people makes it a nice environment to be in.


Students at Fairfield University are generally athletic, social and hard working. Students generally put a high priority on social activities and schoolwork, ultimately finding a balance that works for them. There is no greek life on campus, so there aren't any frat kids, but the senior houses at the beach make up for the lack of frat houses.