Fairfield University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Fairfield is the most frustrating when it comes to senior housing. Since our school is located miles from the beach, many students prefer renting beach houses their senior year. However, the school feels it is necessary to not permit students to leave campus, even if they are perfectly qualified. Living on the beach is not all about fun. After senior year, students are released into the real world. Living in a beach house gives people a taste of what it is like living on their own, providing the opportunity for them to mature and prepare for the upcoming years.


Res Life is probably the most unaccomodating department on campus, but students will only really need to interact with this department in March when the housing process for the following school year begins. They are often unclear with students, though the housing Fairfield provides is very nice.


The most fruastrating thing about my school is the underage drinking that goes around. They say that underage drinking is nit allowed but a lot of freshman and sophmores drink ALOT and get drunk then problems are caused. Shouldnt the residence assitants stop this? They should but the dont. Instead they supply the alchol to the minors on campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that underclassmen aren't allowed to have cars on campus. The campus is located in the middle of a rich neighborhood, so there's nowhere you can go unless you have a cer. There's a shuttle that will take you places, but it only runs during limited hours and only takes you to one place, the stop and shop plaza. So you're basically stuck on campus 24/7.


The most frustrating thing about Fairfield University is the class registration process. Fairfield University uses a random lottery number system and at times this method works in your favor. I have had low lottery numbers which allow me to be one of the first to register for my classes. When receiving a high lottery number, it is almost impossible to register for the classes you want because they close quickly. I have had to e-mail my professors to see if they could let me into their classes. It is very stressful and annoying process.


My school is not that diverse and everybody looks the same. People of the same race tend to stick together. There's not much to do besides going to New York at times. A lot of people drink. Because classes are small there is a lot of homework and professors actually check it.


The lack of racial and economic diversity among students, how much students drink both on the weekends and during the week.


The lack of diversity, and how some people are incredibly stuck up!


FIRST AND FOREMOST.. the registration process. The way some professors/advisors talk down to athletes. The laundry room facilities. And last but not least, the off-campus lottery process.


It's an incredible school academically, however it is very homogenous, although they have tried to bring in more diversity and cultural understanding