Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham Campus Top Questions

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The campus is the unique part of my school. It is so beautiful and has so much history behind it. Classes in the mansion are awesome and hanging in the new Monninger center doing class work keeps you focused.


This collge is more "green" than others because of the open fields and space that it has.


FDU makes a special effort to support and encourage study abroad opportunities. FDU is an ever-expanding college, expanding several of its departments by introducing new majors. FDU also sponsors discussions, giving opportunity for students, faculty and NJ residents to learn about what;s going on in their neighborhood and world. Disscussions include members of the UN, politicians, artists and our own faculty. Most of all, FDU offers small classes which creates a community of familiar faces. In addition, there are many activities to get involved in.


The class size is deffinitly a plus at FDU. I like knowing my professors and knowing my classmates, it helps out a lot. The location is far enough from home but close enough to go home.


The classrooms are very interactive. You will get many chances to offer your input in the discussions.


What's unique to me is that I have an interest in several possible majors. So FDU was a good option because it included all of them whereas some colleges may not have everything you want and may force you to choose between majors your not even sure if you'll end up doing. It's important to go to a school that has a range of things and doesnt just specialize in a specific field unless you are absolutely positive its what you want to do or dont mind switching to another school down the road.


Fairleigh Dickinson stood out to me the most because they promote studying in other countries. Also, learning about the world outside of the United States. There are required classes for learning about those other countries.


Well i would say the president of my school grabbed my attention when came to visit. He was very down to earth and funny. The students here are very friendly, the classes are small. Which is great so you can get one on one attention from professors. And there are nice areas off campus right in town that you can go to. To party or simply to grab a quick bite to eat. I Love FDU!!


I don't remember what made Fairleigh Dickinson stand out against the other schools I was considering.


The teachers are extremely involved with the students.