Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students who love smal classrooms with a goodd financial standing. This school can get very costly.


I will be attending FDU in the Spring of 2015 for the first time. Although I have not yet attended this school, I believe that for any school one must want to be there. From visiting FDU I know that it is a beautiful campus with a lot of life. There seems to be a lot of activities going on daily for all students. No one can truly be happy at a school if they have no desire to be there. So my advice for any student planning to attend a University is just be sure you are ready.


During my attendance at FDU, I saw a variety of individuals. I di not believe that this school is limiting on who cannot attend. Those that want only to attend a Division 1 university should not attend this school as it is Division 3. This school is Co-ed, so if the indiviual is uncomfortable around opposite genders or prefers same gender universities, he/she should not attend FDU. Also, if the indiviual prefers large class sizes and and party-school, he/she should not attend FDU.


The type of person that should not attend this school is someone that is looking for help when it comes to financial aid and enrollement in classes.


This school has something for everyone. I feel everyone should at least apply to this school. All through most peaple go home every weekend here there is still something to do.


A person that is not ambitious or career oriented should not attend F.D.U. This college is a highly competative one and strives to find the best students to attend there. A person who does not like to socialize or is not a team player should not even consider applying. Even though it is considered a small university, you still have a variety of clubs, organizations, and sports that you can join and people who are not interested in getting to know other students, then you need to reconsider staying at a university such as Fairleigh Dickinson University.


A person who just likes to blend in the crowd. At this school most people know or know of everyone, especially those in athletics or greek life.


This school is not for someone who wants to go to a big, party school.


There is not one person who I do not think should not attend this school. The students and faculty here are very friendly and very outgoing, willing to help out with everything. Friends will be made fast and activities are well planned out by all the organizations. However, the school is rarely recognized by many people as compared to other big named schools. If a student wishes to graduate from a well-known school, this one may not be the one to look into.


Anyone who is interested in being involved with a fraternity or sorority should definitely look into Fairleigh, it has a very large greek community and they more or less run all of the campus activities. Our sport teams are also a good draw, I don't think we are Division I but I know that a large portion of our student body are involved with sports and speak highly of them.




If you like big cities and lots of people this is not the school for you.