Fairmont State University Top Questions

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Everything is very close together and there is 24/7 music playing in the union! Also wednesdays at the union are full of free stuff and cool things to buy


It's very diverse for such a small campus. It's easy to get around and not get lost! The Rec center is the best around. I love the indoor track and the weight room is never too crowded. Two different pools make it easy to dive in and get some exercise even in the winter since they are both indoors and heated! Definitely able to stay phsyically fit here.


its cheaper


The classes are small so teachers can give one on one time with students who are in need of it. They know you by name and it is a more personal relationship.


Price gouging.


Unlike many schools I had considered, FSU was close to home. I've always been a homebody, so fairmont helped me to include this within my life. I also was very intrigued by their small class sizes. This was something that really attracted me to their school. Their professors were very kind and really showed an interest in giving the students the best education they could receive.


Fairmont State University is an excellent choice. The campus is just the right size, and the staff are helpful, caring, and understanding, not like the big universities in other towns. I am 48 years old, single mom of a 2 yr old, and the students make me feel so welcome, they almost feel like family. Any time I need help in class or out of class, they are there. the teachers are the same. I can't put into words the amount of joy, pleasure,and pride I have for my school. I love it!


My school is small but has a lot to offer.


My school has so many different type of people it is easy to find a friend


The rec center at my school is way nicer than anyother schools that i visited. There is many nice places to eat as well compared to other schools that i visited.