Fairmont State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I have not find anything negative about my university.


The expenses would probably be the worst thing about my school. To go out for lunch you have to leave campus, which in turn wastes much needed gas. The resturants on campus are conviently located, but at the same time 'very' expensive. The cost of books is enough to begin with, and with paying for a dorm it is hard to have extra money to eat or even healthy for that matter. It is less expensive to go down to the Wendy's than stay on campus and buy a healthy meal.


Fairmont State University is not a campus-friendly university. There is hardley ever anything to do on campus for those who live in the dorms, such as myself.


The thing I consider to be the worst thing about my school is probably the location. Fairmont State University is in somewhat of a "dying town" and noboby really wants to move there so everyone pretty much lives at home. I really want to move out and live on my own but not in the crappy city of Fairmont, I just don't like it.


the cafeteria rules. you can only have so much in a to-go box and you can't share food with anybody who doesn't have a meal plan. i pay for the food, if i can't eat it, why let it go to waste?


The worst thing is probably the occasional lack of things to do outside of school related activites, whether they be fun extra curricular or studying or social.


There isnt much parking so you have to walk alot to get to classes and sometimes the weather makes that difficult.


The financial aid office hardly ever gets my refund check to me before classes begin so I have to come up with money to buy books and school supplies I need.


There isn't much faculty student interaction as far as administration. We schedule our own classes without an advisor, which leads to people being unable to graduate due to missing classes when the time comes. Financial aid is a nightmare when it comes to correspondence. It is impossible to get a hold of someone when you need them and it takes forever to get a call back.


I have visted many colleges and universities including ones that some of my other friends are currently attending. I have found that we have a strict set of rules for the on-campus dorms. Although I understand that the rules may be for our safety, but the degree of security in place will render useless if someone actually had the full intention of harming the school and all within. As a criminal justice major, I strongly believe in rules. But the right ones, reasonable and practical, must be in place for the "system" to work; useless ones are completely uneccessary.


Although I like that my school is away from the distractions of a big city and the campus is small, it seems like the town of Fairmont doesn't really care what the students have to do once they are off campus. There really isn't anywhere to go if you don't have a car and the area that is immediately off campus is kind of run down.