Fairmont State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Fairmont State is a smaller university that has wonderful professors willing to help their students succeed. Because the town of Fairmont is a smaller community, if a person is a fan of hustle and bustle, this is not the university for them.


Those who are not serious about secondary education.


Fairmont State University is a good school for those majoring in nursing. It is also good for students persuing a teaching degree. Someone who doesn't mind find things to do on their own would be good for this school also, since the campus does not provide many activities.


Everyone can find something to relate to at Fairmont State University. We have a great Education Program, which I am now participating in. We have great athletics, academics, and faculty to make our college experiences the best. Fairmont has so many other majors to choose from as well. Engineering, nursing, culinary programs, nutrition programs, physical education, and health programs; you name it Fairmont will have it. Even though some students might not be used to the small atmosphere and the hills of West Virginia, the area grows on you after a while.


People who want a bigger school. Fairmont is a smaller school. It is great for people who are not so much out going.


I would have to say that people who love the city should not come to this school. This school is wonderful, but located in a very rural area. People who love big class sizes should not attend here either, because this school is more on the smaller scale.


Intelligent, or affluent.


I have come to find that people who prefer larger cities and an extremely active social life find Fairmont a little boring. I've lived in big cities, one of such is Houston, Texas, which I loved! But for an educational purpose, I chose this school because of its smaller class sizes, its "just right" sized campus, and its mountainous terrain with Valley Falls nearby so anyone piled under the stress of schoolwork can escape to relax for a day.