Fashion Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


FIT is best known for the quality of the education provided. People such as Michael Kors and Calvin Klein have walked the same halls that I do now. The industry knowns the quality of the students and many are happy to see FIT listed on the resume. I can personally say that I have seen how powerful of a name FIT is.


The Fashion Institute of Technology is best know for Fashion Design and Merchandizing. However, there is a wide range of other majors that it is known for, including Interior Design, Photography, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Toy Design, and many other arts and business majors. It is an acclaimed arts, design, and business technology school. Within you will find rigorous, challenging programs. One example would be of my major, which is Interior Design. This program is one of the hardest in the school.


The creative atmosphere and the amazing ability to be surrounded by similar creative minds. It is a great start into the fashion industry


The work students produce each semester, The displays throught the campus, having guest speakers from all over the fashion industry


My school is known for its Fashion oriented Students who may falsify the direction of the school. Do not be afraid. the Fashion Institute of Technology offers more majors than you can imagine from Photography to Marketing to Packaging Design & Fine Arts. Where students are excited to learn from amazing, experimented teachers. This is why my school is known for the awarded students who focus on their work and the possibilities offered. Great jobs follow. Great futurs too. Believe it.


FIT is known for putting more importance on your technical skills than developing your conceptualization skills.


The hands on art and design cirriculums. I was just doing research on the internet and did not realize how many designers are actually graduates of FIT. Designers of many different areas. That alone is inspirational. Once you arrive here, a whole new world opens up...............and so will your mind if it isn't. It seems there are no boundaries and they push the envelope for this. That is what makes this such a great school.


The fashion institute of technology is best know for its fashion design program. Many famous names such as michael kors came from this school.


My school is best known for their fashion courses. A majority of the school is Fashion Merchandising and Management students learning the business aspect of the fashion world. We learn how to forecast trends and many other things that are behind the scenes of every fashion store. Along with the business side of fashion, also comes design. There are many talented teachers with many years experience to teach and help evolve students into master designers.


My school is best known for the design and business majors, particularly in fashion.


Job placement and career specialization. I feel completely confident when talking to industry professionals, and FIT really has been the sole reason for that confidence. It's a pretty cold school in terms of attitude, so I'm pretty sure we're not known for our warmth and school spirit. Honestly, though, that 's very reflective of the industry to which the school caters. The fashion insustry, even though I don't think it's right, is a cold place, so that the school is not exactly the most friendly makes sense.


FIT known for being right on the pulse of Fashion. The city, the school, the professors and the classes are right on. There is no better place to get a education for the fashion field.


My school is best known for the Fashion Design major


artistic freedom.




My school is best known for its population of mostly female students and homosexual males. Apparently, the museum is world-reknowned, as well.


The best education in the fashion industry. Many employers only hire people who've graduated from FIT because they know how good it is.


Our school is best known for fashion. It is very career-oriented and the majors are very specificly tailored to a field.


the professors an the careers


Fashion, design, highly acclaimed alumni, best dressed, stuck up students


being the leader in fashion design schools


MIt's the best school to go for to receive knowledge in fashion. The school is known throughout the industry and therefore is an excellent background to have when finding a job- its has 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} job placement.