Fashion Institute of Technology Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


F.I.T. has so many clubs geared towards different majors, passions, and hobbies. Everything from the ED2010 club, Art Directors Club, to Salsa dancing club, and the skiing club. This school also had really great speakers and events. Last year David Carson came to our school and recently Joe Zee from Elle magazine came to talk to the school about being an art director. The dating scene is really hard for the girls. This school is majority girls. However we do have a handful of guys. This school is great to if you are looking for the LGBT dating scene. F.I.T. host many events at the beginning of the semester to meet new friends, which is how I met some of my closet bestfriends. We also have homecoming, which includes a homecoming dance were the guys from Maritime College have a chance to mingle with the students at F.I.T. and in the spring we host a street fair.


Lots of ad hoc social events. Some teachers invited you to things. And, hey, this is New York.