Fashion Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I talk about the most is the people I meet there and the experience with them. The type of major I'm in I get to meet amazing people who can do inspiring things .


people are dedicated with their work and craft


The teachers are great and always ready to help if a student has questions. They also give a lot of room for creativity and give advice on how best to get an idea onto paper. It's also great that the school is located in the middle of Manhatten, so there is always somewhere to go and something to do.


I got into the top fashion design school in the country an d everyone is free. It's a true artist community.


Most of the time if I'm not talking about the excessive work load , I'm showing off my work and telling my friends about the famous guest desingers, editors and business men and woman who give speeches at my school. There are times I speak of the great resouce and tools that help me futher my career , and how much fun I have creating new designs. My friends hear about my school so much some are either over it and others actually apply.


Location: FIT is located in the most prime spot for anyone interested in not only the fashion industry, but any proffesion. New York City throughout all history has been a Mecca of recources; before it's mass population it was a rich and diverse landscape providing incredible amounts of natural resources for the colonialists, not to mention it's prime trade location on the east coast. Today NYC has one of the most diverse populations, culturally and aesthetically, in the world. This provides unlimited potential materials and business/learning oppertunities, which are essential to any blossoming artist, designer, young proffesional.


My school has some of the best known alumni such as Calvin Klein and Michael Kors and as students are in school, the designers and businesses really reach out to help future designer make a mark in fashion. FIT is also one of the world?s best fashion school?s to attend and has students coming from all around the world, not just the U.S. The atmosphere on campus is also great because everyone has such a creative style and the way people come together for one common reason is awesome.


I go to fashion school. I can wear a prom dress to class and no one would look at me differently. I feel free to express myself anyway I want. I have alot of freedom in my classes and that actually makes me want to work more because there isn't any boring classes or huge amounts of pressure. I mean there is pressure but its good pressure.


Its located in NYC.


Going out to the bars and clubs in the city, seeing stars, and the best shopping!


The creativity and the environment. People are always working and its a very intense atmosphere where you get sucked into your work, which is really helpful because work here is intense.F


This is the school i've wanted to be enrolled in my ENTIRE life, i knew that i would be here. This is the one thing in my life that i can say i'm proud of myself for. I work 4 years in high school to put my art portfolio together to get myself where i am. And when i am done, this school will provide me with the job/career goal i have in mind. It is the best place to graduate from for Fashion, and known throughout the world.


The city i live in and the poeple i see.


I do not brag. I just tell them how it is if they even ask.


The best part about going to FIT is being located in New York City, where one is exposed to a plethora of ideas, opinions, choices, lifestyles and cultural activities. My education has not been what I expected, but I have met some very interesting students and some inspiring teachers. Most teachers are working professionals, respected and knowledgable; while others are tenured and refuse to give A's where A's are due. I am most proud of my personal accomplishments beyond my education, and keeping such a high GPA while doing so.


all the awesome clubs/restaurants , the amazing energy of the city , the interesting & very talented & creative people I get to meet and work with , getting to learn alot from experienced professionals who are the best in thier field in the heart of manhattan .


they accept very little students, calvin klein went here, students dress up for class


FIT is extremely creative. Even though i am studying business, the artistic influences of my friends and professors are very enlightening. It's not just about fashion. FIT connects every field and makes you look at the bigger picture in all types of industries.


the real life experience


I like to brag about my school having so many things to do that I really dont leave the school to go home even though I live an hour and a half away from it. All I do at home is sleep because there is so much at the school they even let us open up classrooms over night so we can work on projects for our respective majors. I also love the fact that the tuition is a flat rate that only increases like 200 dollars a year whereas my friends have to pay per class.