Fashion Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


people here tend to be very arrogant and jugmental of others.


The worst thing about my school is the staff (not including the professors). I have found that most of the staff members that work here are unhelpful and uninformed. I am in the middle of transferring, in part because of this reason, and it's been a really difficult process because not many people here know how to help me. It's really frustrating for me and I feel like the school should care more about their image,


If I had to pick a bad thing about my college it would be that there really isn't a campus. I wish it had a larger campus with a "quad" grass area to sit in. I feel that would be a nice place for students to cool off in while inbetween classes. That being said, it is in a great neighborhood. Located in Chelsea it is near all the fashion supply shops that are crucial to most of the majors offered. I guess the location is great in that respect. However, it is a bit too concrete for me.


I think the worst thing about the school is the food. There aren't many options and the dining hall closes before my classes end. It's hard to get dinner when I have back to back classes around dinner time.


The worst thing about FIT is that the departments seem very disorganized when you call them. Rarely do you come across someone who will suit all your questions


The dining hall isn't very well organized. They tell you what a meal is and what you can buy. The food also isn't a good quality nor healthy. The staff that works there does not help students when asked. Everytime you go in there, they are usually out of some very basic food item such as milk or fruit.


I can not think of anything that is the worst.


The worst thing about my school is that there are too many female students and there aren't a lot of guys in our school. The ratio is not balance. An d I could only mostly female friends in there.


Sometimes the administration can be difficult to deal with it. They don't always give the students the time we require or they seem less-then qualified to perform their job. Often times in dealing with that aspect of FIT I feel like I have to do their jobs for them.


Aside from many of the students' attitudes, a lot of the professors are moreso industry professionals than they are qualified college professors.


the lack of space we have to work in our fashio design classes. and the old dress forms we have to use.


It's difficult to make friends since there isnt much campus life.


I believe the worst part of FIT is the work load. I take 7-8 classes, if not more, during one semester. Normally i see college students taking 4-6 at most and it is very difficult to balance school, friends, work, stress, and life in general when you are constantly at a struggle to do your best.


not enough campus life


switching high schools.


It doesn't have a real college atmosphere. Half of the students are commuters. There is no real school spirit or community feeling.


Most student commute - which leaves less of a "community" feeling around campus. However, there are may opportunites to get invovled on campus and experience all FIT and NYC have to offer - which is a lot!


Advisement is horrible, no one has an assigned advisor. Students have to rely on a computer audit which frequently reports mistakes. Due to the horrible advisement, not very many students graduate on time.


I feel the worst thing about my school is the professors' background and way of teaching. Considering most if not all of my professor's are from the industry, they were not meant to be professors and therefore don't know how to teach properly. I feel as if I'm not learning anything new and exciting- almost everything i learn can be read from a book and understood without a professor. The faculty is also extremely unhelpful- its hard to find someone to help and give advice in addition to receiving one straight answer.


The cost is very high for out of state students