Fashion Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A very dedicated and creative, driven individual


A person that wants to get a diverse well rounded education in the major of their choice should attend this school. Each major that FIT offers includes a whole array of related subjects that will open up new pathways for your future to take.


Students were fashionable, had sense of courtesy, passionate and diverse!


If you are crazy ambitious and willing to work really hard you'll love this school. Students don't joke around when it comes to classes and internships. We are all striving to get into great careers and aren't wasting our four years in college in New York City. We all juggle school, homework, work, internships, and struggle to pay for apartments. If you're really into fashion you'll feel right at home amongst the girls with the latest Burberry trench and Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag.


A creative, diverse person open to all types of people who wants a career in art or buisness.


A person with a heart full of passions toward fashion should attend this school. They should also have a great sense of fashion and the interest to explore the fashion world.


Someone who loves a fast-paced environment and is okay without having an actual campus. The perk of FIT is that all of its buildings are on the same block unlike most city schools. Someone with an interest in fashion and networking. The school has a very involved alumni and they take care of students when they graduate. Also, someone who is expressive and not afraid to be their own person.


Any one that has an interest in the Fashion industry. That's the #1 why I chose this school, and why I came from across the country to attend it. It is the best school in its category, but not eveyone can be perfect. Being that I was from across the country, it was pretty difficult to get acclimated, and I feel insecure people may sacrifice their true selves just to fit in. Just be sure to stay true to who you are and the right people will be attracted to you.


extremely artistic and hard working


Artistic, Creative, Fashion Industry Related


You should definitely be interested in fashion or media. You will be career ready but maybe less educated in liberal arts than someone at a regular school.


Someone who is interested in the world of Fashion and Business. Someone who is very serious about their artistic endeavors. People who are outgoing and friendly. People who are focused on what they want to achieve in their future.


A person whho is very artsy, hard-working, determined and very sure about what they want to do inlife. Someone who can handle A LOT of pressure, manage staying up for several days at a time, sacrafice lots of money for projects, and someone who accepts any race, culture, sexual preferance, and just an overall cool, adaptable person.


Someone who is independent and career focused. You should be very interested in your area of study. Be creative. This person should be able to adapt to the busy city environment.


somone who is incredibly driven and hardworking, because the amount of work you have to do will grind you to the bone. When, and if you graduate, you will be amoung the best prepared alumni for the fashion industry.


Creative, outgoing, innovative, stylish, willingness to try and understand new things.


artsy - determined - fashion oriented


An eccentric person who likes either art or fashion.


I think this school is perfect for the type of student who knows exactly what they want to do with their life. Someone who is still undecided on their major probably would not excel at FIT because, while some concentrations are similar, it is very difficult to change majors and still graduate on time. This school is perfect for someone like me who has known what they want to do since the age of 12.