Faulkner University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is looking to gain an education of great quality but should not be a person that can't stand authority.


Someone that is looking for a small, but very informative clasroom, to learn.


Faulkner University is a good school for students who learn better in small classes. A student that attends Faulkner University should be aware that chapel is mandatory for most students is Monay-Thursday for 20-30 minutes in their gym. A student that has strong Christian beliefs would fit in perfectly due to the mandatory bible classes that must be taken in exchange for electives such as art etc.. A student should be willing to due 40 hours of community service required by all Faulkner University students.


Faulkner University is a place for Christians. If you are looking for a college to help you with not only your future on this Earth but also your future after this life then Faulkner is where you want to be. If you come here you will recieve help in your worldly life as well as your spiritual life.


Someone who doesn't mind living in a tight knit community

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