Faulkner University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who believe religion should not be forced on someone should not come here due to their strict rules on chapel and bible classes.


A person that is not committed and one who is not willing to really try to succeed.


A negative self-center person with low morals should not attend this school. Faulkner university is a very classy Christian school with great students and wonderful teachers. This school is committed to their student’s success. If you are wanting to make something out of your life than this is the school for you. Faulkner University works with you to make you the best you can be through service learning and challenging classes. Someone who does not believe in God should steer clear from Faulkner. Each and every student you meet will be uplifting and holy.


Some one who is lazy


I believe that students who are not interested in Christianity shoudl not attend this university. My reasoning for this is because most of the students here wanted to be in an area where they could be surrounded by Christians or people who are seeking to find their faith. If students who are not interested in these things attend Faulkner it make it more difficult for them as well as some other students.


A person of low morality, or someone who cannot appreciate Christian values. Drinkers, partiers, those who are sexually active, etc...

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