Fayetteville State University Top Questions

Describe how Fayetteville State University looks to someone who's never seen it.


Fayetteville State University is a last result type of school.


Unique, the community is described as shadey but the campus is a strong straving student body keeps them selves active to make the community better.


FSU is a very diverse education institute that is committed to strengthening the students desire to be a more positive member of society while striving to be a more conscienctious and active member of the community as well as focusing on higher levels of education and research.


This school has a positive enviroment for everyone to have fun and interact with people.


The school is always looking for ways to help the students academic, social, and finacal.


Fayetteville State University may not be the best school in North Carolina, but it does has something that most schools do not have to offer even with finacial funds. What this school has is a distingunish character. This does not prepare you for just a job, they prepare you for life.


Fayetteville State University could use some improvements on stimulating the interest of different courses to its students by introducing career opportunities to majors that seem to be pushed aside (ex. biology, history, etc. ).


Fayetteville State University is a community of diverse students and faculty that promote academic excellence, social interaction, networking and professionalism.


FSU has a great deal of school spirit and has the perfect learning environment for a person that doesn't want to be left in a crowd.


Fayetteville State University is a wonderful school for students who are looking for a university that is big but also small. By saying this I mean it is big enough for you to walk to classes in 5-10 minutes but small enough that everyone knows everyone or has seen them on campus. Also Fayetteville State University has the most beautiful campus.