Fayetteville State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our School of Business and Economics, and our teaching program.


This school is known for homecoming. Fayetteville State University has one of the best homecoming. It pulls out all the stops. Fayetteville State University is also well known for its technological advances in the natural sciences. This school has a probe, the first school to have this technology. Fayetteville State University is also well known for its distinguished speakers' series. Speakers from different aspects of professional life come on a Wednesday night and allow the students to find out what it is like to live in their world.


MBA Program


The school is well known for producing a large number of minority graduates, in the fields of psychology, education, mathematics, computer science, history, and social sciences. There is not alot of students in each class so the teachers can be more hands on during class. Your professors try to make them selves available to you for your assistance.


African American School.


The history of educating the black people in the community , for the psychology and criminal justice programs/instructors.


From what I heard from people before I got to FSU, most of the comments were negative. Alot of people really didn't have that many positive things to say. Alot of people believe that attending FSU will not get me a great career, but I beg to differ. Around Fayetteville FSU is known for football/faternities and not really academics.


its football team and volley ball team


"Bronco Pride"


My school is best known for being a HBC


My school is best known for our girl to guy ratio and our Frats