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I think that the teacher education program is stellar at this college. It started as a teacher education school and then added the other majors. I believe there was a history that I could not find anywhere else. The historically black college allowed me to understand the strides of the miniority and how far they have come.


The school really works with students to complete their education.


The illustrious Fayetteville State University is uniquely known for being one of the best HBCU in the carolinas, known for the number one homecoming on earth and succeding academically with graduation rates. My school is the perfect fit for me and anyone who applies. You are guarenteed to walk away from here with a life long friend, a life long lesson, and a life long memorable experience. No other school can compare to my HBCU of Fayetteville State University, we are the best of the best, home of the dominating Broncos. Between sports, greeks, and education we cant be topped.


Fayetteville State University has an awesome and supportive staff willing to ensure that the students who attend will not regret their decision in choosing this illustrious university. It is in the heart of an all American city in which the community have a helping hand in ensuring the students are at home away from home. 87{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the professors have their doctorates ensuring that the students are receiving higher learning beyond imagined.


What unique about my school compared to the other's I considered is the size of the school and the student to teacher ratio.


Fayetteville State University is very unique in its own way. In my opinion its one of the best HBCU's in the North Carolina, it has a want to help out all students get an education. I feel that why they have many programs that help freshman students get used to college life, the do's and dont's on campus life. FSU is very live we have the best chancellor that is active with the students and wants to see us acheive.


Fayetteville State has many different types of programs, that are valueable in all sort of ways.


The unique thing about my university will be how well people are easy to interact and make conversation among each other. When events are held on campus everyone take part to make it the best event on the campus than any other universities. We have a fun enviroment to meet new people and help one when needed. When something major is going on in the America, we take part and help raise money or food to help out. For example such as helping the people in Haiti get food and clothing. I love being active on this campus.!


well it's kinda easy to get to your classes, you meet new friends everday, the teachersa re very helpful . It's an all black school, the coast of going to my school is alot cheaper comapred to others. The apartments are cheap you have food places on campus and around the corners. The mall is not that far from the school which is great. The campus is very open to the public its a place where you can relax and chill. The people are friendly and nice you hardly here anything bad about the school I attend that school.


The one thing thats really unique about my school is the town of Fayetteville.


There seems to be a lot of school spirit, especially opportunities to join an eclectic variety of clubs and organizations. It is clear that there is support for fraternities and sororities in the heart of the school with painted sidewalks, trees, and monuments.


Fayetteville State University makes every student feel welcomed and feel as though he or she is a part of a family. In addition, Fayetteville State Univesity is one of the many historically black colleges and universities but the student and faculty population is extremely diverse which allows students to be exposed to many ethnicities and cultures.


The programs they set up for people who are having problems and need help on a subject


Its just the right size