Fayetteville State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


We have a lot of school pride, and many activities to parttake in. Also, we have a good business program.


I brag about the friendly nature of everyone ,and the programs the school has for us to participate in.


The academics, athletics, cultural, and social aspects and oppurtunities. There is always something to do and there is a club and/or organization for anyone.


There are not many things that I brag about when it comes to my school. This doesn't mean that I dislike the school it just means that I have nothing to brag about, but there are plenty of things that I love about Fayetteville State. I love the atmosphere that we have, such as a small campus where the teachers know you and are able to help you. I also love the school spirit of the students.


The instructors are friendy and helpul.


When i brag about my school to friends i brag about our athletic program. We have a decent sports program going for ourselves.


I brag about the fact that the Criminal Justice Department is what I consider the best department on the whole campus. The instructors encourage the students to strive for success and are helpful in helping the students to achieve it. All of the ones that I have encountered have provided me with excellent advice as well as constructive critism when I needed to hear it. I believe that many students who arrive after my departure will benefit from knowing the faculty and staff of the Criminal Justice Department.


I tell them that I love the school life and being able to be around people and they won't tell what you do.


To be honest i brag about all the new people i meet at our school and how the teachers make you feel like studnet instead of just a number at other universityies.


That fayetteville state has teachers that will work with you you just have to show them you're trying. And the class want me hard to pass.