Fayetteville State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that it is difficult to find a good fit for college, but it can be done if you do the proper research. I think that you have the pick the best school for you and not your parents. Every college has its strengths and weaknesses, but many may not be a good fit for you. The college may be good on the ratings and on paper, but not the best for what you are interested in to study. I think you should take this decision very seriously. Also, you should look at the alumni network and see if they help their graduates to make career advances. This is one of the most important networks to have when leaving college. I think that you have to look at many variables to make this decision. College is like your first job in the the real world and you must make the right decision to get to the next step in life. Please continue to focus on your grades because your first employer will want to see these. Your success and work does not stop after you graduate from hight school it only continues through life and college.


Princess, always make sure that you are prepared. Not only does life has its ups and downs; however, school does as well. Make sure that you are focused on the most important things such as your school work. Stay balanced between social life and school life. Prioritize and use your tme wisely, the sooner you get your work done the better. Do not procrasinate and always cooperate. Be smart, make the right decisions and you'll be just fine entering college.


Young 18 year old Tish!!! Slow down! I know you are exicted about life but slow down. Think before you make decisions. Do not allow yourself to be distracted. The cafe is not your friend. Those 15 pounds will sneak upon you, then fight to stay. Young love is dangerous and not definite. Nothing is more important that your education at this point. Dont forget you will be the first in your family to recieve a degree. That is your focus. Find a good financial aid counselor that will not jusst rush you along. There is a cap for financial aid, so be careful before you drop classes. You can not get that money back. Do not take loans you do not need. There are loans, they must be paid back. do your own research. Find scholarships and grants that your school do not mention, there are tons out there. Stay focused on future and not right now. The quickest decisions can have the most detrimental consequences.


1. Don't act like such a "freshman." Enjoy the college experience, but don't jump in face first because you'll get hurt. 2. SCHOLARSHIPS! SCHOLARSHIPS! SCHOLARSHIPS! They are out there you just have to apply. 3. Take your classwork seriously because you haven't seen many bad grades in your lifetime, and you don't want to start now.


The advice I would give to myself if I could go back in time to my senior year in high school is dont let senior year make you think slacking off is an option. I understand that you are a senior in high school and senior year is told to be the best year of high school but education and college will be the best experience of your life. Going to all the parties, skipping out on classes, not doing assignments becausee its the final few weeks of school is not an excuse to slack off. You must give 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in all that you do, never stop giving up and push as hard as you can and when you think you can't push anymore push even harder. Faith, hope, determination, and GOD is all you need to get through your senior year. Of course you can enjoy a few laughs here and there but don't let it become a distraction to where you can't complete your goal of graduating high school. You have all summer to have fun and enjoy yourself but as of now during your senior year you need to focus. I believe in you!


This is your last year of high school and I would imagine that you believe that you are well prepared for college, but there are some things that you may not be aware of. College is not like high school, it is very different and you will have to study more. You will be able to pick your own schedule, which is a plus. You will now be in control of whether or not you go to class, so choose wisely. You will be treated as an adult so, unlike in high school, no one will hold your hand. There will be people that want to help you and some that just want to work off you. The best advice that I can give you, is for you to learn what is your most efficient way of studying because once you know that you will succeed in college.


The first thing I would advise myself if allowed to go back in time would be to manage my time wisely. A successful college student has to know how to manage their time to get everything they need done properly and efficiently. Time management not only helps with college success,but success in your career ,and your life. I would also advise myself to keep all my notes from high school,because transitioning from high school to college courses requires a strong knowledge on elementary basics learned in high school. Finally,last but not least,I would advise myself to get my GPA as high as possible being that many scholarships are based off your high school GPA. Thank You for reading!


The advice I would give myself is taking time with time. I am a first college graduate in my family and was going to college with new outlook on life. I never heard of the campus life, nor have I heard experiences about college life and the only thing that I have obtained from what to expect out of college was that it took four years to complete and because of that I felt like I rushed through my academics and did not fully meet the potential I had. I would most certainly take my time to get to know all of my professors, greet with more students, introduce my face and name to the administration, and also participate in various activities. I enjoyed my college experiences but I feel like I would have enjoyed it more if I did not rush it. I felt like I did not have time to enjoy being a student but I had to complete school and hurry into a career. I currently see that being a college student is worth the pace for it is the transition in one's life to learn what life is all about.


When i was a senior in high shool i didnt really think much of college so i barely passed just to get out of high school. So the advice i would give my high school self would be to prepare more so that my freshman year wouldnt have been so demanding. I would have also made sure i took the SAT more than once and prepared more.


"La'eeqa you think you have things covered for your up and comign college life, well you dont. Your time management will need a mager upgrade. The assigments that you will be given will drive you up the wall because you have a big problem with procrastination. Do not watch televison shows on yo laptop while doing homework, do not countinously go to the Chinese store, and definitly aviod the boy name Jacob who you will meet with in your first few weeks of college. Most importanly do not join the ROTC progam unless you sure it is what you want to do. All of there things will distract you beyond belife. Do not let anything distract you from any of your goals. You want to be a world renowned Pediatrican, you know the steps to get there. All you have to do is keep your grades up. If you want to become involved with the campus do that but make sure that it does not take up all of your time, tha includes studying an relaxing time.


* deep breath * Alright Jessica , you've made it to the top. It's not the time to play around just because you're a senior. You're applying and waiting to hear back from schools, don't take this as time to relax. Keep your head in your books and focus on your education. Don't worry about friendships right now. It's your degree that will be getting you a nice job and home, not your friends. People said we couldn't do it, Let's show them that we can. Make yourself proud !


I can't express to you in 200 words what it means to me to have this chance to speak to you. You are so capable, so fresh, so green to the world and I want you to stay that way. To see the world with those fresh eyes but this time with a seasoned heart. I want you to know the future is more immense, wider, higher than you ever could imagine. You didn't realize that yet as you stood there teary-eyed , looking up at the caps and pretty red tassels in the air. Take this time that you have right now to explore all your options as thoroughly as possible. You are your greatest investment young grasshopper. This world is gonna show you in more ways than one how real that is. And you gotta be prepared for how real it gets. Hit the ground running, believe EVERY dream and don't let "no" deter your course. When someone tells you no, it doesn't mean you can't do it Emiley. It just means you can't do it with them!


I have gotten a few things out of my college experience. I have gotten to know a few things that I am not a custom to such as failure and companionship. Another thing that i have gotten has been the ability recognize the choices that I have. Living on my own without family has giving me a quite a view on what I must do for myself without being told, asked, or forced into doing. On campus I feel like my own person and not a person under my parents. Knowing that it is only me here and that what happens here depends only on what I have to do is something that I value highly now. This gives me the view that this life is now mine and i have to do what is good for me without worring about bad influences. This college has given me a challenge to test myself and succeed and I value that more then anything.


Overall my college experience has been challenging but also educating in various aspect of my life. Attending college has help me boost the way i think; I feel like I have matured physically, mentally and socially. Attending college has changed my life, it has brighten the way i see my future, it is an experience that has created more opportunities for me in life, I thank God for such an opportunity.


In my college experience these past three and a half years, I have received many things. From personal to educational experiences and oppurtunities, I am truly grateful for my experience. On a personal and social level, I have come to learn who I am as a person and what kind of people I tend to associate myself with. I have an incredible network of friends and associates in whom I've bonded and learned several things from and vice versa. On a educational level, I have received an excellent education and have learned so much. I was even able to participate in a Study Abroad oppurtunity in Spain, a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. It has been valuable to attend FSU because I come from a family where going to college is not highly stressed and is not always an option. Being able to attend college has been one of my life's best experience. If I had to do it all over again, I would not change a thing.


College life has been one of the greatest experiences for me. I have learned that no matter what I do in life, I will be a success. What I have learned in the classroom has become an integral part of my life, it has made me into the person I am today. If I had not attended college, I would not be as objective as I am. I came to school so opinionated, so fixated that I knew what was right for everyone else. Education has allowed me to understand that I can learn so much from the other person and listening is the greatest skill to adopt. Another lesson that I have learned from my experience has been that I can choose to start my life over and be whatever I want to be. I don't have to stop dreaming of achieving my childhood dream, I can become what I have only imagined to dream. I don't have to feel limited to pursue a college degree because of my age because age doesn't define me. I am getting younger as I pursue my passion and that is why my college experience has been so valuable.


Attending college has been a trying but an rewarding experiecnce that I wouldn't take for granted. Entering college has given me a new look on myself and what I am capable of doing and becoming. College life for me was a big change being on my own and having to do things for myself as best as I could. I've realized that I can make it in this world and make right decisons bassed on my convictions. This experience has made me shead many tears and have sleepless nights but I know that it's going to work out for my good. This experience has been very valuable because I wouldn't have known of my capability and that I am able to speak up for what I believe in and feel strongly about. I know that once it's all said and done that I will be a successful business woman with a story to tell other young females. Letting them know that it may be hard at first, but as long as you pray your able to pursue anything you put your mind to and know that you are strong.


My college experience at Tallahassee Community College has provided me with great problem solving and study skills which allow me to quickly adapt to new design programs, classes, and tasks. I've become acclimated with the Computer Aided Drafting program to a point where I could teach and have taught its basic functions and skills to others along with the drafting by hand skills, math and visualization skills needed to understand and produce accurate and intelligible plans for production design. Currently in Calculus Three, I have completed all other prerequisites to enter into the engineering program at FSU and my education at T.C.C. has been very helpful and I think better than what I would have received in larger classes which don't cover the material as thoroughly as my physics professor says T.C.C.'s math and science professors do. Thus I feel the value of my attendance at T.C.C. is greater than any other opportunity given to me could have been and I am very appreciative of each teacher I have had and of their motivation and skill at conveying the subject material as well as a few life lessons.


I have gotten many things out of my college experience. It is helping me through my transition from a child to a young adult by giving me many responsibilities every single day. It is also helping me realize that I have to make the right decisions from now on in order to be successful and to accomplish my goals. I am definitely more focused in college than I was in high school. I has been valuable to attend college because I do not want to make the same mistakes that my siblings have done. I look at them as my motivation to continue through school and get my degree. It is also valuable for me because I will be the second person to graduate from college in my family if i graduate and that is very important to me. College is a necesstiy for me because I want a good job in the future that I will not regret working hard for. I want to be able to look back on my days in college and be proud of all that I have accomplished and the journey I had to go through to get to that area in my life.


My college experience thus far has been one that I love. I get to interact with different kind of people who come from different backgrounds and have different goals in life from my own. College has taught me to be more open in doing things and having more aspiration than usual. I am able to get the help that I need and work towards my goal. My college experience is filled with more than education. It is also filled with fun experiences, such as going to parties and games and cheering for my school. I was able to learn and practice time management in college. I know when to get things done on time and when to put my priorities first.


I have learned the true meaning of a second family. As I stated earlier, I was afraid I wouldn't fit in. I was afraid to leave home and branch away from my parent's care. I was afraid to be in Fayetteville. But coming here was the best decision I could have made for, not just me, my family and community. I have learned to accept people for who they are, regardless of differences they share with me. I've learned to be an independent young lady. FSU helped me create a life long bond with people I never met. It challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and into reality.


That with school fun can also come with it. Learning is not over powered by fun and fun is not over powered learning.


I have become more aware of the necessity for service learning and volunteerism in academia. There is such a great opportunity to become a member of the community while in college. The University I attend is focused upon creating a partnership and cohesion between students, organizations, and communities. Service learning has become an excellent manner in which FSU is striving and achieving community service and cohesion in Fayetteville, NC.


Education is the only gift nobody cann't take away from you. All the knowledge passed from the instructors is one of the most valuable gifts ever given to me. Attending school is also a great place for networking. I have learned about clubs, organizations, internships, job opportunities, etc just by talking with my classmates.


As a student attending Fayetteville State University if I could go back and talk to myself about college and the transition between high school and college I would tell myself that I really need to push myself harder in my classes studying wise. A lot of times in high school I would just do only enough to get by but since I have been at college I have seen many opportunities that I could have got in high school such as scholarships by doing better in school. Now I am really focus on what I came here for which is to get a quality education and stay focus on the right path so I can achieve my goal which is to be an accountant. I would also tell myself about college is to be better prepared on starting to get use to living on your own. Being in college the first couple of days it really downed on me that I had a lot of freedom and had to make wise decisions. Some of my friends did not make the right choices the first semester and is no longer attending here this semester due to bad choices.


With the ability to go back in time to my highschool days, i would definetly find myself and let me know that i am a promising genius. I would tell myself to cut out all the foolishness, and quit acting like i need attention from people that dont realy matter. I have learned that college is all about you, if you dont do your work and take care of your business then no one will. i would also tell my highschool self to continue performing in musicals and anything that has to do with the stage, performing comes natural to me thats why being an artist is my major. simply because i love it and you should always do somthing you love when it comes to choosing a carrer.


If I could go back to High School knowing what i know now, I would do one simple task. That task would be pay closer attention to my GPA. I've noticed now, that I'm in College it doesnt matter that you word that star player at your High School. In College everything you recieved is what you've earned. In High School i was more concered about how many points I scored a night, whether than my GPA. Now, its coming back to bite me. I would tell myself to lock my room door and read a novel once or twice a week. College is all about you. It's your gateway to do whatever you wish in your life. A good High School GPA increases those chances. I shouldn't took High School more seriously. High School was fun, I miss all the parties and my classmates, but thoses things aren't going to get me a job. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, i wouldn't told myself to leave that party and study for the Math exam in the morning.


Girl don't stress out too much because it is not worth it because in the end everything will pay off when you graduated from HS. Trust me, things will get better. Focus on yourself and studies, don't worry about what other say about you. You know yourself better than anyone else. Don't give up, keep on going no matter what. Try to think positive and stop being negative and complaining all the time because the more you complain and think negative, you will never go anywhere in life. So stop stressing out and pay attention to what you are doing now. I know it is hard because both of our parents didn't speak english when they arrived during the war time of the Khmer Rouge. I know that our mom wants us to do well in life. Knowing that being the first generations is very hard because coming from a family who doesn't speak english. Trying to balance out the american culture and asian culture. It take time and step by step to get where you are right now. Things will get better. Trust yourself and believe no matter what you do. =]


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to take classes serious. I would make sure I made it to class on time everyday. When it came down to doing homework I would make sure I complete the whole assignment instead of doing just enough to get by. I would tell myself to take college credits so i can have them for when i make it to college then i wouldn't have to take the beginner classes.


The advice I will give myself is to make the right decisions and choices that can benefit me in college. I would get use to being reliable for my own actions that I will be held responsible for. I would focus more on getting scholarships and making good grades. Being matured about different situations more before entering college. I would be really nervous about college because I would have to make a change into a college setting rather than a high school setting. Being around different people and being on my own will be a challenge. Without my family being there to help me I would have to get use to being on my own and being a woman. I will not be able to depend on my family to keep me focused on my work, I would have to be able to keep myself focused on my own and know what I need to do about getting my school work accomplished and making the proper grades to be successful throughout my years of college. I have to motivate myself to be more determined and get what I want out of college and never give up on anything in life.


Be prepared to work hard and know that nothing comes easy. Friendly people, social events, and other activities are going to occur. Remain focus and do not let any of those areas interfere with your studies. Become active on campus and get your face out there amongst your peers. It can be very helpful in building up social skills. That way, when applying for a job, they will see how you can multi-task and work well with others. Try not to let personal situations (gpa, family issues, financial problems) lower your spirits for your future. Keep in mind that up's and down's are a way life and nothing can stop what you are going for. College is what you make it, so enjoy yourself.


The advice that I would give myself would be to take your future seriously and strive to be the best that you can be. Let your goals be your main focus. Make plans and set goals that are both short term as well as long term. By short term, I mean within the next 12 months to 5 years. Seek as much knowledge as you can on the academics of college life. Study hard, do your best, don't stress over small things or anything for that matter. Network with positve people who want to see you succeed. Accept constuctive criticism and most importantly put God in your life first; for without Him we can do nothing.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself I would tell myself to start saving money because it cost a lot of money for one year in college, but that wouldn't be the only thing. I would also tell myself to get ready because the transition from high school to college is stressful because I the college life was something i wont use to. Some advice I would give myself would be not to worry on how you gone fit in with the other students and mainly focus on how I am gone get through college life with a 3.5 GPA or better because I want to graduate at the top percent of my class.


Dear L'Asia, although you could have done better these past 4 years, you don't have a 2.8 because you lack focus or are dumb, you are actually intellectually advanced and you just get bored with the public school material that restricts the analysis of books by Erica Jong, Simone de Beavoir, and Jean Paul Satre, your favorite authors whose works the principal probably can't even comprehend. I need you to look deep inside yourself and find a way to blow this last year out of the water. Now that you have your own car you'll be tempted to leave early and go spend time with the cute young soldier at Ft. Bragg, but your future is an entity that will dictate the quality of life for your children and grandchildren so concentrate on community service instead of boys. You've decided to attend Fayetteville State University so all is not lost in brilliant, but confused head of yours. College will be your time to shine! You're going to discover your true passions, exceed expectations and make your family proud...but right now young lady, you need to go to class!


I would tell myself that the need for the knowledge of responsibility is needed to be in college. The college life is not an easy one so if you are not going to give it your all now don't try to walk in something that you are not ready for. I would explain to the best of my ability that trying to please everyone on campus is impossible that i only really need to hook up with friends that will try to oversee my development in calss instead of picking the wrong crowd and trying to be cool instead of forfilling my obligation to school. Trying to meet the right female will come but in time trying to rush things is only going to prolong things first get established as a man and to finish school I have plenty of time to find the right one for me. Money is something that we dont have time to wast and I would apply that to time, if you wast time then you wast money. I would also let him know about getting a job to save up for things that I would need in the future. Don't wast time.


LaQuetta please pay attention and listen to your teachers! Everything is not a joke and college will be the best thing that EVER happened to you.


I would decide to go to school right after High School, instead of going to work. I would also tell myself that by going to college my self esteem, capabilities, and my motivation for living would be set on fire. I would also suggested staying at home, while attending college, in order to save money and keep me motivated to be responsible and accountable.


Find a major that you will enjoy for the rest of tour life to avoid going through so many transitions. Never say what you will not do in the future, you may just end up doing what you said you wouldn't. Always find at least one good friend in college, sometimes they are there when no other friends are. At this point in your life your parent or parents and instructors should be your best friends(three words: grades, money, and support !!!!!


Seeing as I did not apply anywhere or plan to attend college at the time of my senior year this is rather easy. I would have applied to more college and took my scholarships I had gotten in Florida instead of getting married to a miltiary man right after graduating. Another thing would have been to not hold back do what makes you happy, living on what others want and expect of you does nothing to make your life long or happy. When you start college dont party to much it really will be more trouble than its worth. Last but not least if you are not enjoy something weather it be a class or activity dont do it find something else; hold back on dating you have time for it later college comes first. You can do this is what I would tell myself and I can!


I would tell myself to apply yourself more it will pay off in the end. I would have tooken high school more seriously and took the time to get better grades that would have allowed me to be accepted to many colleges and actually have a pick rather than to be accepted to one and having to go to that one school.




My name is solofoson emmanuel , anglican priest since 1996 and I wish to follow a training I need a scholarship


I would tell myself to stay focused on the prize, do not let your social life or work get in the way! Keep pushing through all the negitive things that people have to say! Study harder and longer then what you are use to doing, reach out to more people around you. Use your resources teachers, coachs and other students! Do not try to do everything on your own and do not let your pride and fear of embearusment get in the way of anything you want and need to do! Set up as many back up plans as possible! Keep up on all of your school work do not allow your self to fall behind! The last and most important thing do not procastinate! Strive for that 4.0 GPA and graduate with honors! If I could go back in time I would inforce that on myself more than anything!


When finidng the right college take your child to visit the campus and go to different offices and talk to people so that you will get the fell of the campus. You also have to look at the campus that is willing to give you the most scholarships. Look at the school spirit and how friendly the other students and professors are to the students. Look at the surrounding off campus and what it has to offer to your child. The most important let your child make the decision of what college he/she wants to attend so they will get the fell of being and adult and making big decisions because their the ones that has to attend the college not the parent.


I would advise all parents and/ or students to take a campus tour and possibly stick around for weekend for a quick preview of what it would be like when she/or he is there. I would also recommend joining a networking site such as myspace, facebook, twitter etc. and find people who currently attend the school that you interested in. Of course I do not recommend meeting complete strangers or at least meeting complete strangers in non-public places, but I do suggest making friends, communicating your feelings about the school and what you are looking for. Nine times out of ten the person can give you insight about what you are getting yourself into.


The right college determines how you will suceed in life. It helps you gain the knowledge you need to know to make a better and brighter future.


I would advise parents to ask students what they are planning to achieve from the college experience. I feel that most students go into the college experience uninformed. Parents and students should sit down and make goals for college instead of just jumping in. Just because a campus is known for good parties doesnt mean it fits your academic needs. Pros and cons should be weighed.


I would say that apply to all the colleges that you can and look at your options. Do you want to be close to home or far away from home? Are you going to be able to afford then college you want to attend? See what colleges offers the programs you want to be in. College is a big step after high school there are alot of changes and responsinilities, you can't call on mama and daddy all the time. Attending college will make you a better person and strong becasue you are going to be around differeent people with different cultures and religion. I know that alot of parents are going back to school which is great just make sure it does't interfere that much with work and your family. I think its great that parents are going back to school that shows that theya re trying to better themselves. Some people go to a 2 year college then transfer to a university which is great to. To me it doesnt matter what college or university you attend as long as you are happy and you are getting your education. Thats how i feel bout attending college.


Please make sure that your financial aid is correct. I had to transfer back home because the school I attended didn't want to offer me enough within my mothers income. Also do your research, ask other people about the school, the down and dirty information. When you goin as a freshman, don't have the mindset that its just like high school because it's nothing like it. Make wise choices; its okay to party but make sure you get your work done first.


College is a big decision in not only a students life but the parents life aswell. You want to choose the college that best fits both the student and the parent. The college should be affordable for the parent and should contain the major the student on wish they follow on their carrer plan to succes. College plays a big role in peoples lives its a great experience. As a student you get to meet new people experience new things like living on your own. The advice i have to give to upcoming parents and students to finding the right college for them is to do reshearch on the college.