Fayetteville State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think this college had a great diversity in the student population. I think that I truly belonged at this campus as a Native American.


School spirit!!


The best thing about my school is the diversity and the comraderie among the students. As a non-traditional student, I have taken notice of the intelligence of those younger than myself, as well as the determination to succeed for many of them. Most of them are respectful and have postive attitudes about themselves, their instructors and their future . They are involved with the extracurricular activites such various clubs and athletics but the most exciting scene to see and be a part of is the Homecoming activities every fall semester.


The People


It was close to where I lived and I was able to take my classes at night while I worked druing the day.


I attended this school for summer school as a special visiting student from Florida A&M University. When I recieved my awards letter from Florida, the loans they offered were ridiculous. i applied to Fayetteville State and they offered to pay my tuition entirely with no out of pocket cost. The staff in the admissions office is working with me to complete my transfer. This school has excellent staff and always makes sure you feel welcomed and well respected.


I really do not know


The staff, and the enviroment and the classes.


The size of classes & availability of professors


The best thing about my school is all the programs that is available to help students with what ever problems they face whether its academic or mentally.


The best thing about this school would probably be campus safety. There is always a police officer or sheriff driving around.


FSU was a university that allowed students as myself to come into your own. it inspired me to further myself and beleive in me.......The best thign about FSu was the teachers.......My professor Booker T Anthony was a very good motivator.......he was always their during my tenure and I even failed one of his classes.....He let me hear it for 2 semesters straight......I eventually enede dup taking him for 5 more classes with a B- average.....But he was always their to guide me not only in his classes but in life........


The only things that I feel are good about my school is that it is diverse, teachers work with you, and it's an HBCU.