Fayetteville Technical Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I go to school with a wide variety of people so it is hard to group them in 1 category let alone one sentence, but if i have to choose i would say that we are all dedicated by just starting school a couple of weeks ago, we have had 4 quizzes and a chapter test in my math class all of us are passing so far and we have all been out of school for at least a semester especially since most of us work during the day, go to school at night , and have kids and/or spouses.


My classmates are very helpful at times when it comes to understanding the work that is assign, and also to start a fresh on building new friendships


My classmates are very diverse and are from different backgrounds and cultures.


Most of my classmates are fellow married individuals with children and some military soldiers that also have the desire to learn and become educated.