Fayetteville Technical Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Adult learner or HS graduate


A person that doesn't want to go to a big college, or a person that is older and lives in the area and has a family to raise.


The person that should go to this school is someone that is focus, dedicated, and willing to go that extra mile. Don't be a slacker. You have to work hard to get were you need to go. The responsibility is on the person. If you don't do your work then you will get a bad grade. I believe that if you have the drive and really willing to work then this is the school for you.


Any type of person should and can attend school, as long they have the will and desire to continue their education. In the current state of the economy, every person should attend school to further their education, to make them more valuable as a prospective employer.