Felician University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to prepare for the real world. You should start looking for scholarships or any help because school isn't cheap. No matter how much school is, there 's always a way to get through school. It's important to finish because nowadays you need a degree to get a good job. Never give up along the way because in the end it will be worth it.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell her to take deep breaths and try to smile even when you don't feel like it. College truly is a huge transition in life. You are going to meet different kinds of people than you are used to. You are going to be expected to complete more challenging assignments than you are used to. Try to embrace it as much as a can. Yes, it will be intimidating at first, but after your first real all-nighter crying, writing a difficult philosophy paper, it will be worth it. Afterwards, you will sleep like you have never slept before. Oh, yeah, and that A+ will be a nice addition, too. This will be the greatest challenge of your young life! Do not give into the stress of it all. This is extremely vital. Take your head out of that textbook once in a while. See all those strangers in front of you? Some of them are out there waiting to meet someone just like you. Hold on to that faith. So, show them that pretty smile of yours. Just like Mom always says, smiles are free!


Attending college gave me the stability and motivation I needed to make a better life for myself. My first college experience was dictated primarily by need. I needed to get through college so that I could be employed as more than a minimum wage employee because I had been taking care of myself for some time and was not satisfied with just scarping by. I worked my way through the paralegal program at Pellissippi State Community College while working full time as a runner at a local law firm. Throughout this time, the support from my teachers was phenomenal. They cared about more than just my grades and my school performance. The interest they took in my day-to-day life and well-being was almost as important as the education I received. Now that I have decided to return to school for my Bachelor degree, I cannot help returning to Pellissippi to begin my next educational challenge. My success with Pellissippi’s paralegal program makes returning for my Bachelor degree less intimidating and makes me confident that with their help, I can succeed again.


I made a decision to go to a community college for a year before I transfer to a four year college and this decision is one that I have not regretted ever taking. I wanted to have a feel of what college is really about before I went to a bigger college. I attend Hudson valley community college although small it is one of the best community college in New York State. I major in their individual studies program. My experience at the institution has been phenomenal so far. Being the first person to go to college in my family line, I really did not get that much information about what college was really about before I went to the school. Because of this my stay at the institution has been very interesting. I have found out that unlike high school, I am now an adult and I do not need to be told to do things before I do. The college has made me have the courage to make decisions for myself in ways that benefit me in my studies. And it has really been a wonderful experience so far to be in school and in college at that.


The reason why it has been valuable for me to attend college is mainly that I went to a private school. In a private school you do not really get to experience the world, it does not get you ready to face reality; but college does. In college you not only get an education that prepares you for a future career you obtain life experience as well. It was not until I went to college that I began to feel prepared for what the future had in store for me. Within the safe community a college campus provides, I became comfortable with who I was and what I wanted to do with my life; if it were not for these last few years I would probably still be trying to figure out what to do with my life.


My college experience has been nothing but positive. It has given and is giving me the solid background and foundation required to pursue a career in healthcare, particularly nursing, that I have always wanted to be a part of. I feel I have grown so much as a person and a adult. College has also opened my eyes to the world around me and I plan on taking everything that I have learned and apply it to every day life and the profession of nursing that I am so passionate about. I would encourage anyone to go to college. I think it is one of the best experiences one could and should have in life.


The college experience has been a wake up call. This wake up call is very vaulable and essential in my life. I had to become an adult and take things seriously because college is the real world. college has made me more responsible by pushing me to follow the uncollated schedules. I also know college is very important not to fool around. I had to buckle down and make sure i reached every deadline because not doing so would hurt my grade. this year i intend to do much better. St. Petersburg college has been valuable to attend because i am learning life lessons there and the essentials in my future careers.


Prior to being a Felician College student, I had never actually been inside the classroom other than the role as a learner. In the couple of years attending the specific school in discussion, I was previliged enough to work with a numerous amount of children of all ages and learning capabilities. It has been truly amazing to be part of the wonderful opportunites that Felician College and the faculty have made possible for me.


I f I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there is alot I would say to make myself understand that youth is both a blessing and a hindereness. "You have the world at your feet, but you don't have the knowledge to guide you down the right path," I would say to my much younger, immature self. "That is why I am here to help." I know now if I had the confidence in myself and knowledge that you can take out student loans to pay for college, like the majority of students do, it'll be fine. I'd tell myself to go for nursing because I'd fall in love with medicine and I'd be amazing with patients. That one day Im going to wake up and have nothing if I don't start working towards a goal other than hanging out with friends. Your friends will soon have lives of thier own and you will have missed out on the effort of college life. Although college is not easy, it is an experience and an accomplishment that can not be taken from you. "Don't give up!"


If I could go back in time to share some knowledge to myself back when I was a senior in high school, it would be things that I did not know back then. First and foremost, I would calm myself about the stresses of college by saying that I have alot going for me in the future and I'll make it through because I'm still around to give myself some advice. The next thing I would advise myself to do is to take each and every class very seriously, even the prerequisite classes that have nothing to do with your major . Once you slip-up on those classes, your GPA can drop so drastically and it will be hard to pick up where you left again. I would also adivse myself to make use of all the learning resources that my school ha to offer such as the science enrichment center where there are many tutors and advisors to help you out with things you did not understand during class or a homework assignment. Finally, the most important thing I would say is to keep a strong mind on my goals and I will make it through.


Besides school work, there is no transition to be made. You will meet new people and new friendships will be created. You might think your life is changing but it's not. Your true self will come out in college, it's still you underneath it all, it's just that you will finally come out of your shell. You meet the people who understand you the best while attending college. If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, my advice would be said in two simple words. BE YOURSELF.


My advice to both parents and students is to first decide on what career path you would like, and if you really want to go to school. College should be fun. Tour the campuses carefully, and chose a place with a good amount of extra curricular activities and clubs. Take your education seriously, but leave time to realax and socialize because you never get to relive those years so you might as well make the most of them.


Do not force their children to take a major that they don't like.


I would tell any young high school student planning to attend college is to be very picky about what school to attend. I choose a school that was way to small, but i made to many friends to leave. You should look around and ask the students if they are happy at the school and really pay many visits before making your final decision.


I would say to start looking about junior year of highschool. Try and decide what size of school you want to attend and look into extracurricular activities and other things that interest you. You should be clear on the tuition and your methods of paying for it. Most importantly I would have to say to work hard. You don't want to end up in school too long. This happened to me and I ran out of money at one point. Now I am finding it extremely difficult to get Financial Aid. In fact, I was uneligible and had to take out loans instead, so I will be paying for this for a while. Another thing that's very important would be to try and visit the school. if you are a science major check out the labs and make sure the equipment is up to date and what you would expect to get for your tuition. If you can graduate in good amount of time, you will be most satisfied with your experience, and will be able to further your education if you want to.


If you're looking for a school with a small, personal atmosphere, this is the school.


Finding the right college does not mean a big and popular school. The right college is the one that is career-goal focused and student focused. In order to make the most out of the college experience the student should enroll in extracurricular activities, join study groups and be socially interactive. Students could hang around the library, cafeteria or study lounge areas in order to make themselves more noticeable. It is also very important for students and parents to know that the satisfaction at school goes in hand with the enthusiasm that's put on it. Its not only the school's job to entertain a student, but its also a student's job to adapt and learn to interact in the new environment. Good luck with your choices!!! Wishing you the best of luck