Ferris State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are usually very friendly and welcoming, they are always there to help if it's needed and are always happy to hang out.


I'm a non-traditional students. The majority at Ferris are young but there is a few like me.


Creative indivudiuals here at KCAD!


Expressive and passionate. Students who enroll in Kendall are there to get a career based on what they love to do.


School isn't most of our focuses and that's something I still am determined to work on. We have always been a huge party school for having a medium sized school. Ferris isn't a very hard school at all and partying is an easy distraction for a lot of students (including myseld). When I describe my class I'm desribing us as an entire whole. I feel as if you're not partying, you are a wallflower at Ferris. With that still being said, we are all a strong family here above everything I have learned.


They are typically there to learn.


My classmates were from all over the world, and they too were just as nervous for the new experience as I ,so I didn't feel like I was alone, the only one feeling alittle scared and nervous.


My classmates are beyond influential, inspiring others and myself to succeed.


I didn't socialize with my classmates, but they did seem friendly.


Most of my classmates are helpful, nice, interesting, and engaging people; who I would not trade for anything because they have helped me become the person I am today.


They are all awsome !


Since I am in a health care major most of my classmates are very driven and willing to put in the work that the pre medical courses require.


For the most part, my classmates are friendly and I talk to many of them outside of class.


My classmates are friendly, honest, helpful and caring.


They are driven and have become some of my closest friends.


My classmates are really hardworking, and always willing to help eachother.


Classmates are very helpful and willing to learn together.


When I was a freshman my classmates were diverse in the aspect of their futures, so I didn't have much in common with them. This is because I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I didn't want to waste my time partying. Now that I'm a junior and entering my senior year in the fall, all of my classes are filled with people with the same goals and future plans. This is fantastic because non of my classmates waste time partying and I no longer feel pressured to involve myself in those activities.


In each classroom I see some students who are dedicated and some who aren't.


My classmates at Ferris State University are hardworking and diverse.


All of my classmates are extremely nice, hardworking, dedicated, motivated and tenacious students.


My classmates are very nice, some are quiet and others talk way too much. It is a very nice enviornment to be around.


This school is a fairily medium sized school, but you do start to know everyone. It is nice because it is not too big to where you are not seeing any familiar faces around your classes. My classmates are great and I have gotten to know them pretty well through this last year here.


My classmates are always willing to help and explain to me what I don't understand.


Everybody at Kendall College of Art and Design is very helpful and friendly, especially your classmates. You'll make amazing friends and they're always supportive.


My classmates are very diligent on their school work, and focused in the classrooms.


My classmates are articulate and courteous but still in need of refinement; we're all learning how to use our major's vocabulary and talk to each other with respect.


My classmates are my friends.


Creative, inspiring, and fun people.


My classmates relate to each other in every single way; we all understand one another and don't judge the artistic ways of others.


Every kind of art student you can think of.


My classmates are very unique and all have a passion for Art and Design.


The few classmates I have are truly artistic, fun, welcoming to ideas, and most importantly helpful in my developing my artistic skills.


Most of my classmates i notice they seem to be passionate, goal driven and determined to be the best they can in the field, there are also students who may be taking their eduacational oportunity for granted, but the majority are definitely going somewhere.


My classmates at ferris state are very helpful they are also very nice.


My classmates are great. The classes aren't very big and everyone is always helping out. Considering this we all have a very close and personal relationship. It is like a family away from home!


Some of the most interesting characters you'll ever meet.


Everyone is unique and very creative.


My classmates are nice, helpful, and goal-oriented individuals.


My classmates are uniquely defined in many ways.


Most of my classmates are outgoing and very interesting in the field of study.


I don't know, most of them are alright. Some people here are not as intelligent, and waste class time for stupid questions because they don't listen to the professors the first time around.


I have been to two different universities so far and each of my classmates are typical college kids.


Creative individuals.


My classmates are very diverse. There are always the stereotypical students in school: some come in late, some come in extra early. I find it easier to communicate with students in college than in highschool. You're stuck next to some stranger for a whole semester, and sooner than you know, you realize you have the next 3 Biology classes together. These strangers become your friends in all purposes.


My classmates are, for the most part, friendly and interact with each other.


very enthusiastic and ready to have a good time


My classmates here are very accepting and open to just about everyone, and enjoy meeting new people.


My classmates are very diverse from their ethnicity to their learning styles. They are all very eager to learn and very helpful in group discussions and projects. I have learned alot from my classmates they provide great insite and view points that I may not have myself. I have leard a great deal from my classmates.


My classmates are out going and focused on graduating college.