Ferris State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I like Founders day. Dinner, activities, ice cream, everyone joins in the celebration even the community.


I attend Kendall College of art and Design at Ferris state university. KCAD is well known for it's rich history in furtinure production and design as well as its growing programs in many branches of art, such and digital media, and fashion.


Ferris is either best known for our pharmacy program or parties.


Ferris State University is best known for a verity of different programs. Nationally Ferris is one of the best schools for Optometry, dental school, and the Golf Management program that is offered.


Drinking and academic programs such as criminal justice, sonography, and pharmacy.


Ferris State University is well known for its higher standard of education. Once a student graduate in their field of expertise, they are competent and qulifed in their field of study. Ferris State is best known as a four year institution. A student can earn a bachelor's or assosiate's degree or certificate. Ferris State University is also well known for their sports teams as the bulldogs.


Ferris State is well known for thir Criminal justice, Optomitry, Nursing, Pharmacy and Engineering majors, being highly ranked nationally. Also, Ferris State University have been well know for their diversity amoungst their campus. Lastly, Ferris State is well know for their division 1 Hockey! Ferris State University has made it to the frozen 4 once within the past three years, and has constantly been ranked as a top 3 team in D1 hocky.


Take it all in. Enjoy the days where the excitement of a visit to the campus is too much to handle. Don't be afraid to meet new people! Get involved in groups, you'll learn a lot. Make sure you talk to your professors, they're happy to help. Use the experience opportunities Ferris State gives you like internships, speaker and interviews. Plan time for yourself in the week. Don't stress about little things, enjoy each moment for what it is. Smile everyday (because they're contagious) and remember to be kind to all.


Ferris State University is best known for there pharmacy program.


Ferris State is very well know for their pharmacy school, nursing program, and the Graphic Design Program.


Art and Design


I believe my school is best known for producing a lot of local talent and creativity.


My school is best known for creative people in Art and Design.


Art (I belong to the Kendall College of Art and Design branch of Ferris).


Kendall is best known for being one of the top fine art schools in the United States and I would stand behind that statement all the way! It is a wonderful environment, Kendall has a wonderful staff, and best of all the most wimsical students!


Ferris State University Owns Kendall College of Art and Design which is their private art school. I go to the private art school and our school is best known for the Furniture, Graphic and Interior Design majors.


Kendall is known as one of the best art schools in the world, Kendall is know n worldwide because of this and we have people attending our school from as far away as China. Companies have been known to seek out Kendall students, because of their abilities and what they will not have to teach them once they enter the workforce.


Kendall is best known for it's Interior Design program but also for any art program. Stateing that you are attending Kendall is a great honnor and is highly regared in any art career.


Sadly to say, but my school is best known for it's number of parties. I don't particpate off-campus or on-campus parties but from what I've heard there's quite a few.




How hockey team always competes with the best in the country.


The Hockey Team...its really good so are the academics


Ferris is known for their great Professional Management Program. I originally wanted to be in this program but my golf handicap did not cut it. The campus is home to the wonderful Katke golf course. Not many colleges have their own golf course. If you are accepted into the PGM program and graduate you can come out of this college with a business degree and a pro card. A few other colleges have a PGM program but it is not considered a business degree when you graduate.


The fact that it does most classes with labs. Making it a very "hands on" school. Which better prepares students for their careers.


Parties, a bad football team, a great Hockey Team, and small classes that allow professors to have more one-on-one time with each student


Ferris State University is best known for it's pharmacy program.


Our school is best known for their wide variety in college degrees. There are over 170 degrees that can be attained at Ferris State University with a 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio.


Ferris State is best known for its Hockey team. The hockey team here is pretty good and all the students love watching them play.


hockey games! the team is really good and the student section is huge. the school spirit is more obvious then at any other sports games.


Criminal Justice and Ophthalmology


its business and premedical programs and school of tochnology/building and whatnot


Ferris is known as a party school. It is also known as a Pharmacy/Optometry school. Its a small campus in the middle of no where. Big Rapids wouldn't exist if Ferris wasn't here.


Pharmacy school, Optometry School, drugs.


We're a small division 2 school, but we have a division 1 hockey team that plays in the CCHA. We're also one of the highest tuition schools in the state of Michigan while still being one of the smallest.


It is best known for it's pharmacy and optometry programs.


My school is best known for the technology department, and sadly for partying.


This school is best known for having professors that are experts in the field that they are teaching or that have retired from the field they are teaching.


Building furniture. I go to Kendall, a division of Ferris... which was not listed. Kendall's also known for quite a few notable designers.


The Pharmacy program and hockey.


Ferris State is best known for its pharmacy program.


Small classes, hands on learning, close knit degree programs.


Pharmacy, Optometry, Criminal Justice