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Compared to other schools I considered, Ferris offered more competitive, high-demand majors. Ferris is nationally recognized for many of their unique majors, such as their Pharmacy, Optometry, Automotive, Welding Engineering, Dental Hygiene, Professional Golf and Tennis Management, and Allied Health programs. Personally, I have met many students from all across the nation who chose Ferris because of the unique majors offered here.


This school allows students to be passionate and open minded with art, and provides them various opportunities to enter the artistic world. I am attending Kendall College of Art and Design, which is owned by Ferris State University.


The thing that is very unique about my school is how extremely friendly the people are here. Everyone cares about everone; there is nothing rude about this place. We have a sense of community here at Ferris State that you can not find anywhere else.


I would have to say the oppertunities was probably the unique difference between the schools I was considering. Ferris had so much more to offer me and that is why even though money was tight I knew Ferris was my best option in the end.


The thing that I found most unique about Ferris State University is that they have a consortium agreement with most community colleges, which helped with the cost of my college expenses incredibly. I was able to take most of my classes through a local community college and then am able to finish my degree off at Ferris State with only having to attend Ferris State for one year. They also have satellite campuses around Michigan that make it easier to attend classes in my area.


For me, the campus was far enough away to allow me to experience being out on my own, yet close enough to home that I could still have the comforts of home and the support which I may need being out on my own for the first time.


What's unique about Ferris State University, is the fact they offer courses through various off-site campus'. This makes is convenient for those who don't reside in the city of Big Rapids and/or are unable to travel to attend onsite classes. They take the extra initiative, time, resources to share their on-site professors with those who take off-site classes. These Professors travel to the various sites to teach. I appreciate the time and dedication the Professors offer, as they are great representatives for the school. I am an adult-learner, fulltime job.


After attending two other colleges, I have found that FSU is the best of both worlds when it comes to affordability and getting a real college experience that will last a lifetime.


What is unique about Ferris State is the unity students form when problems and opportunities arise. We are able to come together and prove what Ferris is capable of. Ferris has a lot of different student organizations that all serve one purpose, to get student involved. With many other universities, Ferris State promotes education and unity first, but also individualization. Without this, Ferris would not be set apart from other schools. Our wide ethnicity, individualization, and unification gives us an extra boost as to why we are the best of the best.


Ferris State University is an engaging school that prides itself on student readiness for the work force. With a mandatory student internship your senior year for most majors this sets Ferris alumni apart from the rest of the college graduates seeking employment. The internship helps build experience in the students’ chosen field of study and is what should set Ferris apart from other schools. Ferris also offers decent incentives for transfer students. As a transfer myself, the academic scholarship Ferris offered me far outweighed any of the other schools I considered which was the deciding factor.


It is a small school, I have lived in Big Rapids my whole life. It is really nice to have the small town atmosphere here. I have just grown to be a bulldog!


What is unique about Ferris State University is the bond that all students have. Ferris State students tend to feel as if we are all in this together, and that if one individual is struggling with something and could use the help, there is always someone there to give a lending hand.


It has the feel of a large university in a small town. The teachers are more personable because they can actually engage with their students. There is a very community feel that is very welcoming.


The most unique thing about my school is the atmosphere of campus and how friendly all the student and teachers are, as well as campus being diverse and getting to meet unique people. Ferris State Univeristy is a place where you can feel comfortable and welcome without having to try.


The most unique aspect about Ferris is how the school comes together as a family. When you come onto the Ferris campus its like you're coming into its own little town. The whole campus is together and everything on the campus is devoted to the school. The school is very warm and welcoming like a family and all of the students are very friendly. It's very neat for a school to be as close as the students of Ferris are.


Ferris State University is very career focused. Classes revolve around teaching students what they need to know in the "real world." There are a lot of hands- on activities that help enage students and stimulate learning. Ferris has staff that are passionate about teaching. They are very helpful and willing to help.


There is a big support for the LGBT community. I think that's very important. There is a whole "Pride Week" where clubs celebrate the LGBT community and I find it interesting and wonderful that it doesn't seem to have any problems with people who don't agree with that lifestyle. It's when I see how supportive students are of the LGBT community that it makes me proud to go to Ferris.


Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University is defferent because the faculty takes time to focus on each individual student. Kendall College is a somewhat smaller school. This allows for class sizes to be small enough for every student to get to help they need from professers. Kendall is all about a creative solution to life. Any Kendall student is able to problem solve and quesion. Kendall is very unique in their belief in studio art classes. These studio classes are all about hands on making art in the classroom.


Kendall College of Art and Design has a wide range of opportunities for art students alike. They provide students with the resources needed to prepare us for our future occupation. The professors are kind and enjoy what they do, which makes learning more enjoyable. If someone ever needs help they are there to help weather it be personal problems or school problems. Kendall College of Art and Design has the community and atmosphere that other colleges don't.


Kendall College of Art and Design (owned by Ferris) is an art school. The learning we do is 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} hands on projects, some lecture is included but most of our classes are work days. Instead of sitting in a classroom waiting to get out and go home, I work on my projects and get advice for teachers who currently work in the graphic design field and my peers who are working on a similar project.


I attend Kendall College of Art and Design @ Ferris State University. It's a small off-shoot of Ferris, located in Grand Rapids Michigan. It is small and not like typical universities. You do not get the "typical" college experience at KCAD.


At Kendall College of Art and Design the students express themselves not only on paper and canvas but in their every day life styles. They're not afraid to be who they are....pink hair, funky outfits, all of it. This is important as an artist, to express one self, without judgement or ridicule. The studio classes really allow students to think through projects and bring them to life either on paper or in one of the many labs available to students...there's even a 3D printer...how cool is that! I enjoy the laid back atmosphere with Kendall.


I think that our school is unique in it's acceptance. We have many different clubs/organizations that attend to anyone's personality. Our staff is incredibly diverse as well as our student body. I'm proud of the acceptance I see on my campus daily.


The thing that is most unique about Kendall College of Art and Design is that the classes are very small. All the classes pertaining to my major are less then 15 students. Which allows for such an amazing learning environment the professors are very approachable and easily available even during class periods. The classes are also 3.5 hours long which allows for a lot of time to work with the professors help and to apply what the professor taught at the beginning of class.


It is a personal environment that the proffesors take time to spend with the individual.


I go to Kendall College of Ferris State which allows me the opportunitites to have a very specific field of study, while being able to have the advantages of a universities diverse curriculum. Other schools I had considered were strictly art schools, but with the connection to Ferris, I am able to utilize all aspects of both a private art school and a public university. Whether it be for trips, scholarships, or even just experiences, my school has a very unique environment.


I attended Kendall College of Art and Design, or Ferris State University. This school is unique because it is not a private art school. It has lower tuition because it is a part of Ferris State University. Kendall College has a beautiful campus that is expanding, and the falculty who are really invested in their students as people, their well being, academics, and future. They are all well educated and experts in their field, whether it be sculpture, drawing, philosophy, or mathmatics. Kendall College also offers a wide range of classes and I received an excellent education from them.


Ferris is very diverse and the people that attend are friendly and very willing to lend a helping hand. Ferris is a very compassionate school.


Small town, but close enough to travel to a large town (Grand Rapids) Friendly, personable


Ferris State University is unique in that it offers bachelors degrees through the college of Technology. This is unique in that you can get degrees in welding technology, automotive engineering technology, etc. It offer the opportunity for degrees tht are both acedemic and hands on. FSU is also unique in that it is a medium size state school in a very small midwestern town. It is a relaitvely large campus in a rural area.


The location of this school is very unique compared to the other schools I considered when considering a nursing school. It was quite a culture shock when I first moved down here but I am enjoying my experiences down here. I grew up in a military family and as I was growing up we moved around a lot as a result, but I have always been fond of interacting with new cultures and understanding how they work. I am enjoying my time down here, especially the food and the proximity to the beach.


The school I chose to go to is unique and different from the other schools that I applied to because of its raw artisitic talent, strong work ethic and diverse student population. The skill and success in the work done here is inspiring while the work ethic of the school and its students is expressed through the work. Another unique atribute is the students that are local as well as students that come from around the world, and their different perspectives are special and appreciated.


Ferris State University has a multitude of resources and great people. The student?s are friendly, the staff provide great classroom environments and this school has a positive atmosphere. Ferris is not what you would call a big university, with a total walking distance from end to end of 15 minutes, you can be late and still be on time. It?s great, and you can?t say that about most other large campuses across America. With beautiful scenery and an ever changing weather schedule this school has pleased me.


It's a small community, and everyone seems to be really nice. I love the campus and the acitivities there are to do there. I would recommend Ferris to my friends, its a good learning enviroment and the people are awesome and so are the professors.


I think the school is unique because of its location in Central Michigan. It is a fairly large school in a town of only about 12,000 without students. The town doubles with the students. I think that Ferris State University makes the town who they are, which makes it very unique.


small town and many fulbright scholar professors


I find that the professors truly care about you. They make sure that they are available for all ot your needs.


I didn't really consider any other schools.


its diverse as well as welcoming.....people arnt affected by race really its just more open and friendly


There are a lot of really unique programs and majors such as PGM, Pharmacy, Music Industry Management, Plastics, and so many others. The professors here are all characters in their own way, and mostly every one of them will be one of the best professors you've ever had. If not, they will at least make you laugh! This campus can be whatever you want it to be. If you want a close intimate Community College experience, it could feel like that. Then, if you get involved, it could seem like a much larger campus. I absolutely love it.


My program was the deciding factor for me. Music Industry Management is the whip shit.


I did not consider any other schools. Ferris State University is a very specialized, yet diverse school. It has numerous programs varying from construction management to dental hygiene to professional golf management to optometry. I've never met anyone who has come to Ferris without a major in mind. Students may go to other universities with an "exploratory" undeclared major, but not here. I like that. We also have a great hockey team!


Ferris State University is unique because of the top quality of the programs that are provided for students. This school consists of programs that are ranked as best in the state and even some of the best in America. Such programs are welding, criminal justice, professional golf management, as well as health related courses. The education at Ferris State is top notch and attracts students from all over America. I have met students from California, Montana, Oregon who have travelled all the way to Michigan because of the education that Ferris State provides.


close connection, more of a community based feeling.


It is the only college in Michigan with a program in forensic biology.


To me, the most unique (and one of the reasons i came here) is that it is one of only three schools in michigan to have an accredited pharmacy program. It is also one of the top pharmacy schools in the U.S. (from what i have heard). There are a lot of schools that have Pre-Pharmacy programs however you must then transferr to a school of pharmacy (such as ferris) to get your degree, here at ferris you can get your pre-pharm AND your Pharmacy degree all in one place.


There are alot more people here that act the way my friends act back at home.


Go tubing and get drunk on the Muskegon River


I love that the class sizes are not extremely big. I think that FSU has a very good teacher to student ratio, and all of my teachers have seemed very interested and passionate about their job. They like to see their students succeed.


Its small and big at the same time