Ferris State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at Ferris State University?


My favorite class right now in my second semester of my first school year is Printmaking. Because in my case, I am looking for a multidisciplinary art career and Printmaking is one of those art disciplines that are multidisciplinary through art history, history in general and the fine arts. I do not have a least favorite class for now, I like all of them. Since art career always provoques community movement, competency and diversity between all students, participation is never odd. I have a Drawing major, it has been always my technical foundation of my way of working in many art disciplines and Printmaking is one of them, including Ceramics. Since I graduated from my Art High School in PR, I graduated with The Drawing Specialty Award ''Premio Magno de Dibujo" of the art school. I always try to separate some time to go to art meetings with professional artists including my professors.


Hard to get the classes I need. If not enough people sing up for a class the class gets dropped. Im a history major and need certain courses yet I have had trouble getting them. Colleges should not be run like a business, this is the problem Ferris has, at least for History. I haven't heard anything negative from other majors.