Ferris State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that wants to go away from home for school but not be overwhelmed by a huge campus. The reason I love Ferris is because it is a small campus and has a "homey" feel. It is easy to make your way around campus and easy to make friends as well.


The kind of person should attend this school is someone who is very open minded and excited about learning and creating. With the large homework load, you need to be motivated and excited.


If you are a person who loves to create and make something with your own hands Kendall is deffinately the place to be. You will be surrounded by hundreds of like minded souls who love to create and design.


Well, my school is accreditted though Ferris, but really, it's Kendall College of Art and Design. In my opinion, anyone who wants a career in design should go to this school! Even if you don't feel confident in your skills, they teach you everything you need to know to become an artist and use design thinking. It's incredibly difficult work, but if you are determined to go into this field, you can get through it with a strong will. It's an exceptional school for those who are ready to embrace it.


Ferris State does a wonderful job of making everyone from all different backgrounds and walks of life feel welcome. They offer so many options of groups and club on campus to get involved in to help make sure everyone is comfortable. I believe everyone who loves the campus and the feel of the school should attend.


Any kid of person could attend Ferris, it's a very diverse university.


People who are willing to work hard to receive an in-depth education should go to this school. The professors are very down to earth, but they still expect each student only to give it their best and nothing less.


The best candidate for a Ferris State University student would be an individual that is a hard worker and is career focused. It is a very career-oriented university, with a focus on degrees that can get students into the field of their choosing shortly after graduation. The community is somewhat rural, but is very welcoming to the students because they make up about 40-50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the towns population during the school year. Anyone that feels like this would be a fit for them should definitely apply to Ferris State.


Students who attend Ferris State University should be career oriented and have a strong work ethic. Those who enjoy a lively social life might excel here provided that they do not put off their homework to engage in all the extracurricular activities. There are many extracurricular activities to keep students active and prevent them from having too much homesickness. The town it’s pretty small but offers many opportunities for students who are social, hardworking, or interested in the outdoors.


Anyone that is willing to learn and strive for a better education would feel at home at Ferris State University. I sure did. You should be willing to put in the hard work and patience to learn the material given to you, and have the patience to persevere. Ferris State University has the tools for sucess, one only needs to apply them.


Someone who is independt and can figure things out on there own. There is some gudiance, but not alot so its sometimes hard to figure out where to get the right help. (example would be fincial aid help)


The typical student at Ferris is goal oriented and a social person. They should be social and like to get involved on campus and off campus as well.


Anyone that wants a great education should go to Ferris.


The kind of person that should attend this school would be an outgoing, open minded person who is academically strong and focused.


Someone who is passionate about art and design and wants to succeed. although Kendall is small there is a lot of room to grow and meet the right people.


The kind of person that should attend Kendall College of Art and Design is someone who has a true passion for art. This person should want to further their talents and be excited to learn more about their trade. They will have to be willing to give up the expirience of a large school and campus for smaller classses and personal interactions with your proffessors. This individual should be excited to do art and further their creative abilities.


Creative people who can motivate themselves, but also work collaboratively.


I think that anyone interested in getting an education should attend Ferris. If they are determined to work hard in their classes and do the work, they will do well in the University. Ferris has great specialty programs that although have a long wait to get in, are worth it. It's a welcoming school that greets anyone warmly. I think anyone could attend Ferris State.


self-motivated, bold in the face of fear, risk taker, artist


Someone who works hard, and is dedicated.


Students who seeking a small University to gain strong relationships with their professors and love snow.


A driven, focused person.


Someone that wants the experience of a state university without all the big city stress and challenges should come here. This school is big, but still has the average class size at around 25 students. The faculty is very friendly, helpful, and interested in the needs of their students. There are many school sponsored events such as concerts. In 2010, we had Cartel, Sean Kingston, and Jason Aldean come and perform at various times during the year.


Anyone who wants to attend ferris state should be a student willing to be very determined and also focused. With ferris state being a university of only 12,000 students it gives students the oppurtuinty to have a realtionship with they're professors.


A hard working dedicated to learning person should attend this school. The person should be willing to experience an extremely welcoming and friendly environment, as well as welcoming, friendly and totally supportive faculty.


anyone can can attend this school but only if your program is here.


The kind of people that should attend Ferris would be people that like one on one time with professors. Also people that can stay on track with distractions, like parties.


This college is very open with a variety of degrees offered. However, Pharmacy students and anyone in the health fields will want to go here. There is a diverse student population, so any kind of person is welcome here. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that FSU is located in a small town setting so the "kind of peron" should be ready for a slower pace of life from the towns people.


This school is best for Michigan residents. It offers students a good tuition price point. Many scholarships are available to Michigan residents. Ferris students need to be comfortable with long, cold snowy winters. I would also suggest that students need to be very outgoing and proactive in making friends as there is not much the school offers for students to meet one another. Most students leave to go home for the weekend so campus is dead on Saturday and Sunday. There is a significantly higher number of male students at the university as well.


Someone that is motivated and determined. Someone that can ask questions and find the answers.


People who are willing to commit themselves to school and want to have a good time while recieving their education. If you love big cities and suburban areas i would not reccomend this school.


Someone who wants a good education. Ferris really cares about the student and helps you get through ur program at a good pace.


artistic- it is kendall college of art adn design not ferris st.


Someone who is looking for a smaller school, which has more student-teacher interaction.


I think its pretty versatile school, and welcoming to anyone.


Someone who is serious about getting their degree and the degree is offered at the school. Pre-med and construction are big degrees ath Ferris


A person should attend Ferris State if they are looking to learn alot but also get hand on teaching from professors in thier field of study


A person who is friendly, likes to interact, will apply themselves to school work when necessary, and is willing to participate in stuff to have fun


To attend Ferris State University you need to be a somewhat outgoing person, because Big Rapids is a smaller town, so you have to be social enough to find a group that suites you. Otherwise without a good base of friends all there is to do on campus is study, which after awhile can get very boring. Plus, video games can make your fingers hurt after awhile.


Anyone who is looking for a positive learning environment, and wants a solid education should attend Ferris State University.


A small town person who likes meeting new people and really getting involved with their school academically and socially. You will mee life long friends here and the professors really want to see you do well just make sure you get the right ones.


that this school is awesome and to enjoy it! meet people


The kind of person that you need to be to attent Kendall is one that can hold on to his or her dreams and not be destracted by the stress of college life. It's important that you focus but keep an open mind. Since Kendall is an art school it is expected that you have the skill required to take on multiple project at once as well as deliver quality projects that reflect your work ethic as an artist.


As I mentioned before, people who go here should know what they want to do in life. If you want to be a graphic designer, come to Ferris. If you want to be a plastics/rubber materials engineer, come to Ferris, but I recommend attending a community college until a specific direction is determined to save time and money. (I knew I was coming here for my program before graduating high school, but attended CC to save money.) Ferris is costly, so someone who is able to obtain financial aid is applicable.


Anyone who wants a positive learning environment.


Any person with a drive to succeed should attend Ferris. Most of the programs here are competetive so it is important to stay on top of studying.


Anyone that wants to meet new people and get a great education. This school allows almost anyone here. It is a great campus and you meet awesome people here!


Someone who is very career oriented. Someone who is willing to leave the state to gain a job. Enjoys networking. Should be prepared to be offered a job in their career after graduation.


Partiers will feel welcome.


A person that is looking for small classrooms and opportunity to receive extra academic help. It is easy to develop relationships and make friends that will follow you throughout your chosen program. If you like to see familiar faces everywhere you go, this is the school for you. There are many different programs to choose from so if you're not sure of what you want to do, this school is for you because there is bound to be a program that you'll love.