Ferris State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Ferris State University?


If you are not open minded, there isn't really a place for you here- this school is highly accepting of all people in a really fantastic way. Aside from being open-minded socially, you have to also be open to the material you have to study. You have to be ready to learn a large amount of material use it, and if you have a tendency to get lazy, then I guess it isn't for you. I think anyone can do it, if you were really determined, though.


Self motivated students should attend not only this school but any school.


Close-minded people should not attend Kendall College of Art and Design. It's a visual arts college, so people express themselves more freely, more comfortably, then they would or might even be able to at a traditional kind of university. That's what I think kind of sets this school apart from any other kind of college experience I could have ended up with. I don't feel like I can't express myself, and I'm surrounded by so many creative people all the time that I feel it helps me flourish as a designer, too.


Someone who is looking to get a job after college. Ferris is a great net working school.


A person who is shy and doesn't like social situations, and isn't willing to make friends.


The individual's who should not attend, and I'm going to be honest, are the individuals who are not self motivated to complete the courses. If someone is going to attend a 4 year college with the financial aspect of paying over 20,000 a year they should be prepared to take their situation of being in college seriously. I understand that college brings someone to a different environment and it is okay to have fun. However, when you are there, you're there to learn not just have fun, and what is being taught will not be forgotten.


Any type of person should feel welcome to attend this school. The school is very open and helpful to students from all walks of life, age, gender, ethnicity, etc. I have never had any experiences with racial issues at this school. The school is very diverse and students who attend seem to be genuine and kind; all attend for the same reason. That is to obtain an academic degree to further themselves in life. The Professors are kind, knowledgeable and always willing to assist and guide. Ferris State University is considered a school of excellence, in my opion.


Everyone should attend FSU! It is a great school with something for everyone. It is friendly, accepting, and educational. No matter in or out of the classroom, Ferris students stick together and become one. No one is left out here. We're all just friends going to school together.


I think this school is really made for anyone, its not to big or too small and everyone is always looking out for eachother


If you're looking for something "big" or something in a city where there's tons of new things to do, you probably shouldn't attend Ferris. It's a small town and there's not a lot to do in the town. There's a small movie theater, and some other places, but there's no "big town" experience. It's a small campus.