Ferris State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I had known that I was not the only person who didn’t have any friends coming to college with them. It seemed so scary, and I felt like I would be all alone. This however is not the case, and many people there are in the same boat. As long as you are open to talking to others and willing to make friends, you will soon have a group of close friends that you can rely on and spend your time with. They will become a strong support group for you at college.


I wish I would have known that there were absolutly no Mexican food places around besides Taco Bell.


I wish that I would have known how determined you have to be to maintain your every day life successfully. There are a lot of distractions and for myself, I really wish I would have known how difficult it was going to be to balance things such as school, going out, and sleeping. I really grew up my first year here and became extremely independant and that's something in life that once it is gained its priceless. Overall, I would advise all coming to ferris to gain a deeper understanding of determination.


Things I wish I had known and still wish that I knew now are things that pertain more to real-life problems or obstacles than college-related problems. I wish I knew more about taxes and how those work. Insurance. I wish my high school had helped out more prepping me for all the finincial things I'd face being in college.


As an illustration major i wish i wouldve known about the poor conditions of the floor that we have to work in. @ Kendall college of art and design the illustration floor is not adequate for our needs and we have been promised that they will improve the floor but so far nothing has been done. and if i had known that this was going to be the case... i wouldve gone to school elsewhere... having said that i have enjoyed what i have been able to learn even with the poor facilities.


This is actually my first time coming to this school, so I dont know the answer to this quesion yet.


I wish I had known I wanted to be an art major and gone straight to Kendall, a part of Ferris State University. Instead I spent mant years changing majors at a community college. I got my feet wet in the art program and loved what I was doing. I then knew that this would be the path I wanted to continue. If I had known out of highschool that I wanted to be an art student, I would have applied to Ferris State University ( Kendall) in 2009 and already recieved my Bachelors in art this past spring.


I wish I had known more people before I came here. But I had no problem fitting in with people in my program. I wish I had known more opportunities that were open to me so that I didn't feel like I was trapped in my room all the time.


I wish I had known about the number of services available to students. I also wish I had known how to become more involved among students in my major. It would also have been beneficial to know the types of classes that I would be taking and the difficulty of such classes. The most important thing I wish I had known prior to coming to Ferris State University, however, is how easy it is to approach the faculty and get answers to any of the questions that I had.


Big Rapids is what you make of it.