Ferris State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I would consider the closeness of the campus community to be the best thing about my school. Ferris is set in a small, northern Michigan town. The small town feel gives the students at Ferris a closeness that students at larger universities don't get the chance to experience. I love walking through campus and seeing familiar faces, and I love the fact that I never feel isolated or alone on this campus.


the focus on creativity


I attend KCAD, a part of FSU. I love KCAD!


Being that much of this survey had to do with the amount of diversity amongst my school, I would definitely have to say the diversity here is one of my favorite parts of this school. It's so intriguing to learn about other cultures and ethnicities. What influences their lives, how they live and deal with circumstances we've never dealt with is all so interesting. My next favorite part about Ferris is the fact that it's such an involved community. Alumni is wonderful, and the way the students support each other throughout any event is outstanding.


I think it is a very inviting campus. I also love that it isnt so big that you have to leave your house an hour before class to get there on time. It is a good town with just about everything you need, and the people at this school all seem to get along regarless of ethnicity and class standings. I love Ferris State University.


If I could travel back to my high school life and tell my self about college life it would be something like don’t give into fear. That transition was so big that I chickened out of chasing my dreams. It took me fifteen years to face the fear and it changed my life. School will be the most important thing you will do right now and it is totally worth it. If you are shy about new things then face then head on and do it with fake confidence because eventually it will turn into real confidence. 


The best thing about Kendall College of Art and Design is the diversity of the students and the fact that they're all art students. We all understand each other in the fact that being artistic and brave enough to put yourself out there is hard, and derserves your respect. We're all students and we're all going to be practicing professionals someday, so there's very rarely any arguing or problems between students and faculty because they all understand the importance of networking and collaborating.


My school has a wonderful Pre-Dental program which is why I attend this specific school. Also, all of the staff are more than willing to guide me on my journey into this world of learning, and that is what most, if not all, students need.


The best thing about Ferris is the sense of community. The faculty, staff, and students take great pride in the community and giving back to the city they live and work in. The community also takes great pride in having the university there, and always comes out to support the athletic teams and other campus organizations. You really feel welcomed from day one at Ferris.


The best thing about Ferris State University is the dedication of all of the people involved in the school system. The alumni are very motivated to help the school and the students currently studying here. The faculty are very involved in providing the best possible learning experience that they can, and helping the students in any way that they can. Even the students are dedicated. They are dedicated to improving their education, improving the overall image of the school, and providing a meaningful service to the surrounding community.


Everyone is really friendly and it's hard to feel out of place.


The school spirit and the great advisors and the depth they go to help students.


I am so satisfied with Ferris State University’s campus. It is important to be able to travel to your classes by foot, without it taking till Tuesday. When I first stepped on to campus I was overwhelmed, I would imagine most incoming students are. It was comforting knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting lost on my way to classes. I had two classes my first semester that were ten minutes apart. I was stressed outuntil I realized that the buildings were close. With a bigger university, distance between classes wouldn’t be as easy.


I think the best thing about our school is that every year we hold a community service event called The Big Event. It is the largest community service project in Michigan and it is a way for the students to give back to the community by going out and cleaning yards for members of the town. It's a great way for the students to get involved in the community.


I consider the housing office to the be best thing about Ferris State University. This office works extremely hard to provide resources for RAs to provide interactice and fun programming for the residents. This makes it much easier for new students to adjust and helps the new student build bonds that last a lifetime.


The best thing about Ferris is the class sizes. I have not yet had a class where I didn't feel comfortable speaking in front of everyone because of how many people were in the room. The lecture halls aren't huge so there is a more one on one feel with the proofessor.


There's a lot of variation between programs here at Ferris, so I'm biased to the College of Business when I talk about the best things at Ferris. The University definetly takes pride in using real-world experiences to help learn and grow as a student. They want what is best for you in the long run, and are personal enough to help you get there.


The best thing about Ferris State University in my opinion is the diversity on campus everyone is open and freindly no matter what you look like or act like.


The absolute best thing about Kendall College of Art and Design is without a doubt the faculty. Kendall is home to the best artists I know and those artist are my teachers. I personally have not come across a faculty member that was not always willing to help. My teachers are constantly stressing students to email or make an appintment or just approch them with any questions or concerns.


Kendall College of Art & Design is an excellent extension of Ferris State University. There is so many things to love about KCAD, but I particularly enjoy it's downtown Grand Rapids location. Being in the heart of the city, KCAD students can experience all the diversities that Michigan's second largest city has to offer.


Kendall is a small and personal school. Your professors know you and your style of art which helps for a deeper learning experience.


The best thing about Ferris Staet University is the campus size. Everything on campus is conveniently close , I believe all of the buildings were designed to have a ten minute walk of distance. Only needing ten minutes to walk to class is extremely helpful, especially during the cold Michigan winters.


The best thing about my school is the inspiration to be gathered and provided merely from being a part of this young but growing and thriving artistic community. The divine and unique perspectives we have and can share with one another are simply immeasurable. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be where I am and to do the things I do. Sure, I come home exhausted, I work two minimum wage jobs while I attend classes just to afford the cost of living aside from tuition. But, at the end of the day, somehow... It’s worth it.


The best thing in my opinion about Ferris State Universtiy is that it has smaller class sizes, shorter classes, and if you have questions everyone is willing to answer you.


Kendall College of Art and Design' of Ferris State is located in a very artistic atmosphere of Grand Rapids. The city and college involve each other in artistic venues and competition. The reason I choose Kendall was their background and location, It was a furniture school in earlier years due to Grand Rapids being furniture making city and my artistic goals is one of kind furniture development. The fauclty in in each department a masters of craft and very much enjoy giving it back to their students.


The best thing about Ferris is the size. You still get to experience the whole university aspect, but not on a huge scale. Everything is compacted on campus so you don't have to walk very far to classes from the dorms and everything you need is all located right here at Ferris State University.


Flexibility, price, and location. Great staff with outside experience in the field.




The best thing about this school has to be the library and how well kept the school is. The reason for this is that the library is considerably big compaired to the size of the school. Also, I believe that the library is well up to date with technology and the different types of resourses thet it offers. The schools overall appearance is very clean and well organized.


The best thing about my school is that it isn't very big and there are many random majors here. For example we have professional golf management and even organ playing. You meet a lot if different people here who are all fairly intelligent.


I consider the programs offered at FSU to be diverse attracting students both locally and from internationally.


The best thing about my school is that it bases alot of decisions on what the students want, and they are not slow to come through with voted on decisions.


The best thing about my school, and the deciding factor when I chose to attend Ferris State University, was that it is located in my hometown. Being able to stay at home with my mother, go to school and work full-time, as well as save a little bit of money was what really swayed me in my decision. Also, the campus is in a very central location within the town - I never had to worry about getting to work on time, or having a long drive home.


The best thing about Ferris State University is that it is very diverse and the staff is always here to help you. No matter if your in a big lecture hall or a small classroom, the teacher will always make time to answer all of your questions to the best of their ability. I really like that they are always there for you and can take time out of their day to help you.


I feel the best thing about my school is the size. Most of the classes only have about 30 students in them, so the professors actually get to know you. Also the campus is not too big, but it is also not too small. I feel that the size of the school is just right.


The best thing about my school is the teachers. Teachers are what makes a school successful. If the students feel that a teacher is not a good teache or doesn't care about the students they will eventually leave the school or drop out. The teachers at my school are dedicated to teaching and provide many alternatives for students who need extra help. They give you the community college feeling in the university setting. All of my teachers generally remembered my name by the end of the first week of class creating a more close enviornment better for learning.


We are in the middle of the city of Grand Rapids. At Kendall, connections are everything, and having the resources so close to access is a great advantage.


The best thing about the University of Texas at Brownsville is the professors. I have attended a few other universities since I move quite frequently and it seems like the professors at UTB are much more concerned with your development as a student and as a professional. I cannot speak for the entire university but the nursing program has been a very rewarding experience so far and the professors go well beyond what is required of them to ensure that we are competent about our profession.


The best thing about my school is the skill level of every student that goes here. Every single student has their own destination, and their own path to get to it. Each person has their own way of doing things, but yet most people are very successful in whatever they do here. Whether it be industrial design or fine-art painting, the students express their dedication through their work. The skill set of every student that attends my college is interestingly diverse, every one is working toward their own goals, and seeming to do their best at what they do.


really nothin exceptional about ferris


The professors are the best thing about Ferris State University?s campus. The professors are kind and helpful. They are available during office hours (which are quite often) and by appointment. They all seem to know about the subject matter that they are teaching and are passionate about it.


The extra carriculars. There is always some club to join and something to do. Especially the greek system! I would recommend everyone going greek at Ferris.


The best thing about Ferris is the location and the size. It's some what out in the country, but there is enough civilization to survive. This student size is nice because there are just enough students where you see the same faces often, but not everyday to where everyone knows everything about you.


It's a small personal campus and what you make of it, the expertise is there if you seek it out.


The level of education that is provided and that is necessary for my career.


The best thing is the student facuilty ratio. Its very low. The acedemic portion is also very good!


small class sizes and well-rounded campus




The best thing about Ferris State University is that the students and professors are very open to hearing others opinions and points of view. They are also very accepting of people for who they are.


The amount of hands on learning that takes place at our campus.