Ferrum College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Ferrum College is best known for the small and rural location. The staff was great dealing with the students. If the students needed extra help the staff was always taking the time to help the students.


Most likely my school is known for being away from everything else. Students are usually very suprised to find out that there is very little to do off campus and to some there is a cultural shock as well.


A very strong criminal justice program, nationally recognized Agriculture & Environmental Science programs and research. Faculty at Ferrum College is well known for their extensive degrees and knowledge they bring to the students. Many have written books used all over the world as intellectual resources in education.


Ferrum is a small school with a lot of small things going on all the time. It is hard to say exactly what makes Ferrum known to people, but it is a school that attracts people somehow. There is an annual Folk Life festval that Ferrum is know for around that area. Thousands of people come out every year to experience the original customs of the people in the Appalachian area. I guess you can say that the natural and cultural beauty of the area is what gets people to go there.


It's small size


The small and beautiful campus. The environment the proffessors help provide and it's emphasis on liberal arts.


parties and science majors