Ferrum College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Ferrum College?


Ferrum College, home of the panthers, is ver tight knit community. Everybody knows eachother and the professors no the students by name not numbers. There is so many clubs and organizations to get involved with. It's a great college and I'm enjoying every moment I'm here.


I mostly brag about the atmosphere, because my school is located in the mountains, and when the sun sets its a beautiful scenary. I also talk about the people, because they are very friendly, if you befriend the right ones.

I brag about how well the classes are going and all of the students here.


That there is small classes and you can know your prefessors better.


very small a hand full of teachers do care, but you must take time out to find them.


Being at ferrum and i am doing well with cross country and academics!