Ferrum College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


someone who is open minded and likes small class sizes


Someone who wants to be in a rural area.


The type of people that should attend Ferrum are the people that are not afraid of getting dirty and know how to be leaders.


Any type


Since the school is in a rural area, I think a person that lives in an urban area and is used to having many things to do, may reconsider this college. I hear many people complain about there being nothing to do, but I disagree. It may be because I grew up in the area that I think there is plenty to do in spare time, however, I rarely have any with a full time job accompanying my school work.


Out going someone that can find something fun to do any where.


Anyone there is a diverse group of students at school. But mostly someone who enjoys being in a tight knit community.


This school is for people who don't mind small towns, friendly faces, and a good education.


A person who likes smaller schools and who can get along in very active and social communitty


Anyone should be encouraged. Ferrum offers a very diverse selection of courses and areas of Study.